Baby’s First Friend: Episode 2

close up, alfonso the pug

Baby’s First Friend: Episode 1 Hello, it’s me again, Alfonso the pug. I thought we should catch up on how things have been going since last time we spoke. In short, things have started to play to my delicious advantage… A … Continue reading

Letting Goddess Lakshmi in & Alfonso out!

It’s a Hindu custom to leave the front door open in the evening to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the home and therefore wealth. There have been incidences where people lose all of their wealth because an open door also welcomes thieves. Everyone in our building practices this, but this custom is not really practical when you have a small, energetic puppy.

If the door is open, Alfonso will run outside and straight into our neighbours house, our neighbours who are scared of dogs. It turns into a circus, people jumping up on chairs or running away. He thinks it is absolutely fanstastic. He once stole some underwear from our washing basket and proudly ran a lap of our neighbour’s living room with it (he has a good sense of humour)!

Poor Alfonso, he just wants to play, but most people are not interested. If you have ever owned a dog in India, you will know that most people are really scared of them. I am guessing it is because not many people own dogs and since childhood they would have been avoiding the possibly rabid street dogs.

Yesterday, the children from upstairs came into our house, saw him and ran away. They left the door open so Alfonso ran after them, and behind Alfonso was me trying to catch him! He ran up two flights of stairs and into their apartment, through their kitchen and into the back bedroom where the two little boys were standing on the bed screaming. 

It was so embarrassing, there were loads of people in the house. A little breathless after desperately running up two flights of stairs, I apologised profusely and took him home.

alfonso the pug face puppy

What’s the big deal?

So, now instead of opening the front door for Goddess Lakshmi, the back door has to be open instead. That door leads to the balcony, Alfonso cannot do any mischief there!

Pugs Love Sarees

Several failed attempts, a few safety-pin injuries and a couple of swear words later, I can now successfully drape my own saree (this weekend we attended an engagement)! Along the way, I had a little helper… Alfonso. Scared that he would damage my saree, I stood on the bed. Desperate as he is to do it, he still isn’t tall enough to get himself up there yet.

Alfonso has a naughty habit of trying to hitch a ride on our maids sarees and was absolutely delighted to see that I was now wearing one too. Now what to do? I stood stranded on the bed with my lovable little piranha looking up at me with his doe eyes.

So, I had to carry him around whilst wearing it (he was not amused!). I will have to wait until he has grown out of his hanging from saree pallu habit before being able to wear a saree around the house. 
pink and orange saree, holding my cute pug. Also wearing sindoor, mogra and a smile

Hasn’t Alfonso grown so much in the last six weeks? He is growing everyday, in size and in mischief! Alfonso is such a good boy, he knows his name, knows where to go to toilet and he can now get down from the bed by himself (still cannot get up yet, thankfully). He is always so cuddly to anyone he is feeling upset, an absolute sweetheart.

Unfortunately, he still enjoys hanging from sarees. Alfonso is going to have to gift our maids (his best friends!) new ones if he carries on like this! 

Our pug family photo! Our intercultural, interracial, international, interspecies family!

Family photo