I’m quitting my job & getting a one-way ticket to India

It is really embarrassing bursting into tears at work all of the time! Everyday I wake up alone, eat my meals alone and come home to an empty flat. I have been working so much, my family and friends are … Continue reading

My First Karva Chauth

The moon, Chanda. on my first Karva Chauth

Today was my first Karva Chauth and also my first fast! Karva Chauth is an annual Hindu festival observed by married women. The women fast from sunrise until moon rise on the fourth day after the full moon in the Kartik month … Continue reading

Beauty & the Bindi

“A woman’s beauty is multiplied 1,000 times when she wears a bindi”- Indian proverb It goes without saying, English life and Indian life are further than just their distance.. Different languages, cuisines, fashion, climate- just to name some of the obvious ones. … Continue reading