My Festival Mehendi

I was really upset when I didn’t have bridal mehendi (otherwise known as henna) when I was a bride back in April. Well, tomorrow there is a festival called Hartalika, celebrating marriage. It’s a little like Karva Chauth and as part of the celebrations, I’ve got my bridal mehendi, hooray. My grandparent in-law have arrived for the festival season, so my grandma, mother-in-law and I will be celebrating the festival together tomorrow.

I was absolutely delighted when my mother-in-law suggested bridal mehendi for this festival. Today, it took two guys nearly three hours to apply, my mehendi for our wedding took only twenty minutes. Poor Alfonso was missing cuddles from his mummy. He saw me and desperately tried to hug me but my mother-in-law held him back to protect the wet designs. Oh, he cried and cried, it broke my heart. Once the mehendi had dried, we had lots of cuddles and kisses.

mehendi henna mehndi art design mehendi henna mehndi art design

It has everything I wanted, a bride and groom on the palms, Lord Ganesh and some peacocks. Ornate and delicate. I think it is so beautiful, I cannot stop looking at it. The smell of the natural mehendi is really strong, this mehendi has come all the way from Rajasthan (the state which stole my husband for three weeks). The natural mehendi gives a beautiful deep orange stain.

Stay away from black mehendi, one of the artists told us about a women in Hyderabad had to have her arm chopped off after having synthetic mehendi applied!

mehendi henna mehndi art design

Wearing my traditional Maharashtrian crescent moon bindi

mehendi henna mehndi art design mehendi henna mehndi art design festival

I will write about the festival tomorrow (yes, I know, so many festivals lately), I am not really sure what’s involved yet so I will be going with the flow. All I do know is that the day starts with us women (grandma, mother-in-law and I) performing a pooja (prayer) together.