Nameless Puppy Has A New Home!

No, we couldn’t keep Nameless puppy but, only five minutes after I posted a classified advert online, advertising a free puppy to a loving home, someone responded. Then, another responded, and another. I couldn’t work out how to take the ad down, people kept asking for more information about the ‘beautiful puppy’.

Meanwhile, a friendship was blossoming. Alfonso was enchanted with Nameless puppy. As she slept, still exhausted from the trauma of being abandoned, Alfonso sat next to her, protecting her and kissing her. When she was awake, they played together so sweetly. Both of their little tails wagging, one curly and the other straight.

forever friendsThey were really enjoying themselves and I started to panic, I didn’t want Alfonso to get too attached and then mourn her sudden disappearance. I took Alfonso into my room and let Nameless puppy sleep. Three minutes later, the same cry that originally brought her to our attention filled the house. I opened my bedroom door and Alfonso trotted out to her, when she saw him she started wagging her tail. I couldn’t stand to hear her cry, so I let them stay together.

Things were quiet in the living room, and with dogs, it’s a good idea to be suspicious. I went out to check  they weren’t up to mischief and my heart just melted…

???????????????????????????????The maids arrived and were so surprised to see how smitten they were with each other, they thought it was hilarious. ‘Brother and sister’, said Lalita, and Chanda responded with ‘nahi, husband and wife’. After arranging the marriage (sorry Salsa), they laughed even more. 

Meanwhile my husband contacted the first respondent to my online advert, he had a kind voice and owned a field on the outskirts of Nagpur where he kept several other dogs. He sounded perfect, Nameless puppy really loved Alfonso and so would be very happy with some playmates.

DSCN3889They spent the day together happily; playing, eating and sleeping. When my husband came home from work, it was time for Nameless puppy to go to her new home. All four of us got into the car and went to drop her off, it was really sad to see her go, but we are so happy we could save this little abandoned puppy.  Alfonso has been a little down since she left, hopefully we will see his friend Salsa soon, that will cheer him up!

sleeping with a smile

Sleeping with a smile…

If you find an abandoned puppy you are unable to give a home to, and if the animal shelters are demanding a sum which is way beyond what you can afford, I recommend going online and placing a classified advertisement (I used– it’s free!). There will be someone out there who wants to love a little puppy. I know that there are thousands of street dogs in India, but a very small puppy who has lost his mother cannot survive alone.

If you hear the desperate cry of a puppy looking for their mother, please rescue them. 

Nameless Puppy

This morning, we woke up early. I had made some tea and opened our curtains and windows to let the new day in. The usual sound of Nagpur’s traffic horns and vegetable seller calls was accompanied by a shrill cry. We looked out of the window and saw a lonely little puppy. I walk all around our neighbourhood everyday with Alfonso, I hadn’t seen any puppies around, she had appeared from nowhere.

The pleading cries continued, so loud and full of terror, she was looking for her mum. We went downstairs with some food and found the little girl, still crying and shaking, hiding in some grass. The moment I picked her up, she stopped crying. She snuggled into my arm and relaxed.

What could we do now? We walked around for a while with her, to see if there was a mother looking for her, but nothing, only some disinterested male dogs. We think that someone had dumped her here during the night, maybe one of the street dogs had got their family dog pregnant and they couldn’t keep the result. She has obviously been handled by humans before, she wasn’t scared of us.

She came home with us, ate some food and drank some milk. She didn’t cry again and Mr. Alfonso is completely enchanted…

little puppy

pug and puppy together white

She fell into a deep sleep, exhausted after being left alone and frantically crying for what could have been hours.

We called the only rescue shelter in Nagpur, they demanded a large sum of money to take her off our hands, a sum which is more than a months wages for most people. We cannot afford it and there is no way we will throw her out again. What should we do now? We don’t really have room for another dog and we are not the only ones living here! 

I would love to keep her but it’s not practical, I have resisted naming her in fear of falling in love more than I already have…

alfonso and puppy

I know there are thousands of dogs living on the streets of Nagpur, but this little one is too young to look after herself. It would be great to find a loving home for this little sweetheart, if you live in the Nagpur area and would to give this little puppy, love, affection and a name, please contact me!