Until you take that leap of faith, you’ll never know how far you can fly…

One day I responded to a message from an unknown sender and my heart started to beat faster. Six months later I’m in India, marrying him. Leaving my family, friends and pharmacy career in England, I followed my heart on a one-way ticket and started new life and bicultural joint family in a small traditional city in India (Nagpur).

Who Am I?

I’m a mummy bear, firangi bahupani puri devouring, pug pampering, Libra sun Leo rising, ENFP, Goddess worshiping kind of a girl. I love learning about culture, exploring the transformative power of mythology, creating fusion food and observing the little things.

The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences and anecdotes of marriage and motherhood in India. This is where I document everything I have learnt whilst trying to find happiness and balance between two very different worlds. I hope you enjoy joining me for the ride and will find it entertaining and informative!

Hey, maybe you will be inspired to take your own leap of faith?

Where to Start?

You can either check out the archives and read our story from the beginning (which can be found in the footer down there), select a category (which can be found in menu bar up there) or you can get to know me by reading some of the popular posts below!

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53 thoughts on “About

  1. I can understand and feel everything you have written as I met my wife online as well. Hope you enjoy staying in India and exploring the places around especially Maharashtra which will be your home state I guess.


  2. What a beautiful story! I have a similar one, but I’m originally from Russia and America was my dream country. All I wanted was to live in US since I was a girl. So, I relate to your story a lot 🙂 I wish you good luck, lot’s of happiness and love.


  3. Lauren !!! Many blesses and congratulations to you both. Wish to remind of the three things that you may find handy in India as you look forward to your journey. Patience, Travel and Spirituality. The more you do of these the more you will feel at home. Looking forward to reading more of your life. And thank you for the follow. Cheers !!!


  4. AMAZING… AMAZING… I love your story, and I kept on re-reading all of your posts! One of the things that mostly intrigued me about you and your story is the connection between you and your husband. Everything happens for a reason, and in the moment they are supposed to happen. Fate for you and your husband was destined in the vegetarian forum, and from there you both took control. I’m definitely happy to have connected with you through our blogs. 🙂

    I also relived some of the moments you mentioned in my head, especially when your husband traveled from Newark to Heathrow. I’m also from New Jersey, and left through Newark when I went to visit London. I stayed right around the corner from Piccadilly Circus, and I vividly remember everything! Once again, beautiful blog and I look forward to more posts!


  5. Hi Lauren. I just found your blog and re read all your posts. What a wonderful love story! I am also married to an Indian from Nagpur. We have two daughters and live in London. I have the most wonderful in-laws in Nagpur and we visit them regularly and they also stay with us for a few months every year. You are very brave to pick up and move to India! I can’t wait to follow yur blog!


  6. Hi Lauren,

    You are living my world travel dream, and I never thought of traveling the world for love. India has the most attended pilgrmage, the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage, on earth. Attending is not the right world for ritual bathing, but nowhere are more pilgrims to be found. This pilgrim will get there yet.
    All best wishes for a happy future. Sarongs, silk, spices, sweetness, mountain tops and lush valleys. Wonderful images fill my mind. I romanticize.



  7. Hi Lauren.. Your story is out of a dream 🙂 Amazing 🙂 Some things are meant to be, and your love story seems like one of them 🙂 You look beautiful in the Indian attire 🙂 Wish you both a very happy married life! 🙂


  8. Hey Beautiful 🙂 I have to say so many things to you. I was fascinated by your blog name and you know when I first landed here and these “Gainday k phool” as they call it, they welcomed me I pressed the folloe button in no time ! I fell in love with your blog at first sight 😉 Love these traditional colors. You know here in Pakistan we use to have Mehndi ( A function before the wedding day) with all these flowers and traditions and the same yellow and green colors ! Many Many Congrats for your marriage…You are lucky as you got to marry your Love 🙂 My heartiest best wishes and prayers are with you ! Stay happy and blessed always 🙂 Much Love xx


  9. Congratulations on finding your husband again this life. 🙂 Sounds like you have a wonderful new family in India. I’ve been to India twice, and I love India. Such an amazing place.


  10. Hey Lauren.. I must have read every single post so far. Very interesting and it is still hard to believe that you fell in love with your husband immediately..may be this is called finding a soul mate.. Congratulations and Welcome to India. Definitely the best choice you’ve made.


  11. Wow, this resonates with me so much! Congrats on your marriage, its nice to hear such a lovely story. I am with an indian man and will eventually move to India with him hopefully. Its interesting to hear what its like in India from a british woman’s perspective! Best wishes for the future.


  12. hey hi !

    Know what ? after reading about you, your love on India and your Love story ,I have become your Fan, your love story has give me Inspiration and a sense of hope to get my Love from Argentina to India in which I have been trying to do so from 3 years and have been unsuccessful for many reason’s, ………. The day I bring her to My India it will be my heartly pleasure to Introduce her to you by meeting you personally.

    Hats off – ‘Lauren’ for your Love on my India , its an Honor to meet you.


  13. Wow what a great story! I LOVE India, it’s most definitely my favorite country to visit. I’m dying to read more about how you fell in love online… Lotsa love x


  14. Hi:)
    I’m from Poland and my boyfriend is from India, from Mumbai and we are thinking about getting married, maybe in India.
    I like your blog so much, while it’s explaining a lot of things and shows maybe my possible life there. I had the same feelings when being in India. I miss Indian tea, smell of spices, fan and the noise outside. I felt like at home there.
    I can’t wait for more of your posts and to follow your story with hope that my will be also as happy as your.
    Oh, I have only one question to you – have you thought about working in India?
    I wish you all the best,


  15. what a cute love story it is…….oh my god….its really awesome….nice feel of love…..publish your love story as a book dear…iam dying for it


  16. Congratulations Lauren! You will have a great life in India. The relationships in india is more powerful in the world. In all of your photos the indian tradition coming out very well.
    I wish you all the best,
    Sravan Kumar Voore


  17. This is another classical example that true love always triumphs, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age and even national borders. True love dares anything,everything that comes on its way. All the success to both of you


  18. Namaste Lauren Ji.
    Your love story reminds me of the story of Lord Shiva and Princess Sati’s love saga, in which Sati, the princess of Indus-Sarasvati civilization, viceroy of Harappa, leaves her political life behind for her true love, Lord Shiva. May the Divine couple bless you with a happy married life.
    Akhand Saubhagyavati Bhava


  19. Hey Lauren! Its so amazing being here. And your “story” is one such story which make readers want to keep on turning pages for an eternity, and wish it would never end. Loved everything about your blog- the yellow glow of marigolds, the bright red of your lehenga, the golden waterfall of your lovely smile, the innocent twinkle of love in your husband’s eyes, the vibrant smile of a child on your face and the genuineness of your words. Touched deeply! Stay blessed! wish you a great marriage and happy family life.
    Lots of Love,


  20. such a lovely story and lovely girl i never seen. i wish a very colourful life to you and your husband. hattsop to you and your love on indian culture. hattsop indian culture gai ho bharat. And finally thank you for your story


  21. I read all ur comments lauren I like it your love story I m from Delhi, India. Working in Thailand currently. I like it when foreigner women marry Indian men. U will always be happy with your family and have a nice Childrens born and bought up in India.


  22. We are delighted to welcome a foreign national becoming a traditional Indian bride.Hope the experience you have got so far is enjoyable for you.I am sure that you will feel yourself lucky on adopting the most scientific and ancient way of life in world called Hinduism.


  23. Hi Lauren! Thank you for your blog! It is very well written and very warm and sincere. I couldn’t stop myself from reading it all until I read everything. I could totally relate to your initial experiences as well as initial shocks and problems as I had to go exactly through the same when I came to India from Russia 13 years back…Well, I am sure many of your problems will be solved with time as you learn your ways in this country. Now I can cook my Russian dishes here, found almost all ingredients, found friends and social circle, hobbies and things to do and places to go, so life is good and settled:)
    I wish you all the best and please keep writing about your experiences in India, I will be eagerly waiting for your stories!
    Love from Delhi,


  24. Hi Lauren,

    I am extremely moved by your wonderful and pristine story. May God bless you both. I am extremely intrigued to know which vegetarian forum did you guys meet on ?

    I wish you infinite years of togetherness.

    God bless!



  25. Congratulation on u marriage …I’m Imran n I’m going to marry soon n she’s American. We met online..n after one year journey we going to meet first time January 2016..wish we luck.thank you


  26. it really gave me strengths to meet my loved one living in France ,before reading i was in a quandary ,becoming lethargic and coming a lot of negative thoughts in mind regarding meeting with her but now i am feeling positive and set fly.
    thanks a lot..


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