Every Woman Needs a Saree

Every woman deserves to be wrapped in nine yards of fabulous. The saree is iconic, symbolic, powerful, ageless, timeless and inexhaustibly versatile. There are hundreds of ways to wear a saree, you can show as much or as little flesh as you like and your saree will never make you feel guilty for piling on a couple of pounds. A symbol of feminine beauty and grace, I don’t think many people could disagree with the fact that the saree is the most enchanting and elegant garment of all time. Thank you, India!

Sarees have been mentioned in the ancient and sacred Vedic scriptures, and to this day remain on trend! A saree is woven with its own unique history, tradition and culture of India. The delicate silk and cotton mix of Chanderi sarees inspired by Mughal palaces and ancient royalty from Madhya Pradesh. The wide borders of Kanjivaram silk from Tamil Nadu. The rich floral details of a Banarasi from Varanasi. The natural colours of a Sambalpuri woven in Orissa. The tie-dyed designs of a Bandhani made across Northern India. The Baluchari sarees from Bengal, which literally have a story to tell as they are embroidered with scenes from famous tales…

It felt almost like a privilege but when I was draped in my bridal saree for the first time, I was wearing two thousand years of history (a Paithani from Maharashtra)! My mum was really nervous at the prospect of wearing a saree when she came to India. She thought she would look awful, she didn’t think she would be able to pull it off. Mum was dreading it. The magic of the saree didn’t fail though, when the shopkeeper draped that pure silk around her, she burst into tears because she had never worn something so beautiful. She felt gorgeous and found that wearing a saree boosted her confidence!

Mum wearing her silk! bridal saree

Mum wearing her silk!

mother and daughter wedding saree

Wearing a saree can be confusing and overwhelming at first, all of those pleats and pins. Someone else will probably have to help you drape the it and you might find yourself feeling odd at first but it won’t take long to find your saree groove!

A beautiful saree has the power to invoke so many emotions and feelings, I feel almost majestic when I am draped in silk. A saree changes the way I walk, the way I hold myself and even the way I see myself. I feel at my most beautiful when I wear a saree. The saree doesn’t have an expiry date, an age limit, or a body shape preference, and what it does have is the power to make you feel gorgeous and confident.

silk paithani marathi saree


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