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My first ever morning in India, I looked around and two monkeys were in our kitchen! One on the fridge and the other on the dining temple, both enjoying snacks they had found. We had several similar visits after that, monkeys just wondering in the house taking what they fancied, but now the tree which they used for access has been cut down. I don’t think Alfonso would like it if he was face to face with a monkey.

This morning I was standing on our balcony watching a flocks of bright green parrots fly by and eating a peanut butter covered banana, and some commotion made me look down. Two monkeys carrying their little babies were being chased out of an apartment opposite by screaming women, it was amazing to see them swinging from balcony to balcony with ease, as if the apartment building were a tree.

Monkey Mamas in India

Whilst being scared down, some men on the ground were throwing stones up at them. Not just pebbles, huge rocks. I know that monkeys can be dangerous but this seemed completely unnecessary, especially as they were carrying small babies. For a while they didn’t know what to do, up or down, men with rocks or women screaming? They both sat on the roof of the apartment parking before jumping down past the rocks and running into the nearby restaurant! I tried to see what happened next but I couldn’t see from my balcony, I am sure it was dramatic.

Monkey Mummys

Monkey Langur and her Babe!

A couple of days ago I saw three huge male monkeys wander into someone’s front door! They were the size of four year old humans, I can only imagine the surprise someone got when they saw them in their kitchen. Living in India is certainly full of surprises!

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