Patiently waiting for Diwali… 22

Less than 2 months and I will be returning to India and my husband.

I am so unbelievably excited, I cannot wait! It is going to be amazing to share my first Diwali with him! I really do not know how I will contain my excitement on that flight back to Mumbai. Just thinking of hugging my Husband again after so long brings tears to my eyes. I miss his warmth and the way he smells; you cannot experience those over Skype. I’m so over waiting for Diwali now!

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My two-week return to India will be so refreshing as work is really tiring me out at the moment especially when I miss my Husband dreadfully. Not a single second with my husband will be taken for granted, especially as I would do anything now for just a single second in his embrace. Thankfully, we will be reunited for Diwali (even if for only two weeks) so this year of training will be semi-bearable. I cannot imagine an entire year without holding his hand.

Diwali is the celebration of the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom, and this year (for us) the celebration of the return of my Husband to my arms. I am so thankful I will be spending this Diwali with the light of my life.

UpdateNo Diwali for me: my water damaged passport

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