The mysterious case of the ancient tradition of sindoor 71

My husband applies the red powder, sindoor, into my hairline every day. I have been wearing sindoor since our Gandharva marriage (Hindu love marriage), I had to apply it myself whilst I was in England (which was met with curiosity from others) but it feels much more special now that my husband is able to do it. This is a moment which I always look forward to.  This ancient tradition of sindoor symbolises of the love, passion and devotion a wife has for her husband, wishing him a long life full of happiness.

Lord Hanuman, the Hindu deity in the form of a monkey, is worshiped as a symbol of strength and courage. A passionate devotee of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman is also worshiped as a symbol of devotion. One day Lord Hanuman watched as Sita (Lord Rama’s wife) applied sindoor, he was curious to know what this was and why she did this. Sita told him that she wore sindoor to ensure Lord Rama has a long and happy life. Lord Hanuman thought about this for a while, he saw that Sita applied sindoor because she loved Lord Rama and he wanted to show Lord Rama how much he loved him too. The next day Lord Hanuman appeared completely covered, head to foot in sindoor with a big smile on his face.

This is such a sweet story and when you look at the reasons behind wearing sindoor, it is a sweet tradition. My husband has developed a mysterious mark on his forehead which looks like sindoor, maybe it is my love for him reflecting back at me. I love the ancient tradition of sindoor.

ancient tradition of sindoor


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