Our Little Calf: Gingerboy 26

We drove three hours to see my husband’s grandparents this weekend. It’s definitely spring here in India, en route we saw new life everywhere; calves, piglets, puppies, chicks, foals and even a couple of adorable baby monkeys. I was so happy when we arrived,  a stalk had payed a visit to our grandparents cow shed! A little ginger calf whose hair had been pulled in all directions after his mother had given him a wash with her tongue. We called him Gingerboy.

He was so affectionate and enjoyed our cuddles (well, he seemed to…). We just wanted to take him home with us but he was a little to big to fit in our car and would have probably missed his mother and her tongue baths.


Indian Cows

Gingerboy, the Calf

ginger calf

Beautiful eye <3

Hello there!

Small horns!Let's go!

It’s such a shame he lives three hours away. Driving home we saw flocks of beautiful bright green parrots flying together. I still cannot quite believe I live in India and get to see parrots in the sky and monkeys in the trees!


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