I can’t hear you, I can only hear onions! 45

Nagpur is hot and exhausting, so exhausting and hot that yesterday, after a busy week, I couldn’t keep my eyes open whilst eating lunch! What could be the solution to this possibly be? “You need onion juice in your ear”, my husband said. My mother-in-law agreed and the next thing I knew (and without protest, I was so tired), I was led on my side with cold onion juice being poured into my ear.

Having onion juice in my ear was an extremely strange and very smelly experience! I yelped when my mother-in-law poured the freshly made juice into my tiny ear, it’s not a sensation I am accustomed to. To my surprise (I was very skeptical about this remedy), once I tipped the now hot onion juice out of my ear, I felt cool and alert. Fancy that! It was also suggested that from now on I carry an onion around with me to avoid heat stroke. Another age old Indian home remedy discovered!

If you ever need an emergency onion for that casserole you are preparing, I’m your woman! If you ever smell onions and you cannot explain why, I may be nearby! 

To avoid another case of heat exhaustion I will be drinking a lot more water, seems like I haven’t been drinking enough! Cold showers are also recommended but because it’s so hot in Nagpur, the water that comes out of the cold tap could scold you! Watering the plants in the afternoon can be dangerous. Needless to say, I am looking forward to monsoon!


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Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

45 thoughts on “I can’t hear you, I can only hear onions!

  • marghini

    I am curious about the actual science between onion juice in the ears and recovery from exhaustion! I will make some reasearch 😉

  • Jocelyn Eikenburg

    That is such an interesting remedy! You hear a lot about things that can cool you down here in my corner of China (where sweltering summers are part of the package deal) but onion juice is a new one to me!

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      It was new to me too! The only really bad part about it was that I stank until I could have a shower lol 😀
      I hope that summer is treating you well in China <3 xx

  • Susan

    Interesting! I’m glad it helped. I tend to get dehydrated overnight, especially if supper had a lot of sodium. I know because I wake up with a huge headache. I don’t know if I would try onion juice, though! You’re a good sport, Lauren!

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Dear Susan,

      Yes, it was a strange experience but I would do it again! Ideally we would drink water before bed but if you are anything like me, that will have you tip toeing to the toilet at 3am haha! Lots of love xx

  • Lee Ann Merrill

    Lauren, in West Bengal I drink “salt lime soda” to stay hydrated and keep electrolytes in balance – lemon juice, water, salt, asafoetida, and some sugar. Cold soda water for a special treat! You are in Maharashtra?

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Lee Ann,

      Nice to hear from you! I will try that one next tine, sounds quite tasty!!

      We are indeed in Maharashtra, I think the onion thing is local to this state!

      I hope you are well! Lots of love xx

  • friend


    Keeping onion in the pocket is a very old and well known indian remedy against heat stroke.

    Many foreigners like the sunny weather of india which is a welcome change from the fierce winters of their native countries but then the heat gers to them.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Dear Friend,

      Yess, it’s nice not to be cold all of the time but in England, 25oC is luxury so 45oC is just toooo much!!!

      I hope you are well! Take caree

  • friend


    Another interesting theory about onions is that if you keep an onion in your armpit and sleep you will get fever in the morning. Don’t know how much of it is true.

  • Anshuman Mishra

    That was very chivalrous of you to subm
    it yourself to an unknow and never tried remedy at the cost of your hearing.. we have heard and seen it it before. glad that it worked on you..

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Anshuman,

      Haha, yes. I gave it a go and nothing bad happened. I would do it again because I really felt it took some of the heat from my head!

      I hope you are well! Take care

  • wcg2

    For fighting exhaustion and heat, morning have loads of Buttermilk or Tak in marathi. Once you go outside for a while and come back, dont immediately drink cold water, because the heat difference might cause cold and cough. In the same manner, dont lower the temperature of your house below 23, because when you go out the temperature difference can cause problems. Always carry an umbrella or wear a hat to protect your head against the simmering heat. To reduce body heat, application of Chandan aka Sandalwood paste on the body does a load of goods, especially helps in fighting prickly heat boils of the back.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Dear WCG2,

      I really love lassi, I could drink liters of it!I am not too keen on tak though. That is very good advice to gradually go in and out of the heat. I have found I can cope with the summer much better now we have a cooler compared to last summer when I was living in an A/C environment. My body is getting used to it. I have some Vicco with sandalwood, I will give that a go if I ever get burnt!

      Thank you so much for your advice!! Take caree

  • anushree

    It seems that only people from Nagpur know about this super effective remedy. Other people, from other parts of India give me blank stares when I tell them about this.

  • Kimberly

    I have tiny ears as well. I too would be nervous about someone putting something in my ears. Glad the home remedy seemed to work.

    I have learned tips from your blog. A while back you posted about how in India women put oil in their hair. So, I tried that. The next time I went to the hairdresser, she commented about how healthy and nice my hair felt!

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Kimberly,

      I hope you are well! That is so awesome, I am so happy that it worked well for you! My hair has also improved so much since I started oiling it! Yay!

      Lots of love xx

  • aobeamber

    and another good advice from Indian mother 🙂 I remember how my mama was trying to fix my nausea with Indian mentol pills. Surprisingly, they worked fast!

  • friend


    Apparently, warm onion and garlic juice is very effective for ear infections and chest congestion. I know of two home remedies involving garlic

    1. Heat garlic gloves in mustard oil, till the garlic turns black, strain oil and apply warm oil on chest during night. It clears the chest congestion.

    2. The warm oil could be put in ear. Garlic also have cleaning properties. The dirt of the ear swells up and comes out easily thus cleaning the ear and infection.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Wow, that’s really interesting!

      I know from my pharmacognosy days that both garlic and onion contain antibacterial and antifungal properties! 😀

  • Crystal C.

    I did that once with garlic oil, and it smelled awful. It was for an infection and it really helped.
    I’ll have to remember this trick!

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      I *hear* it’s super for infections, I have never had an ear infection, I *hear* they are awful.
      Sorry for the bad humour… what can I do? 😛

      Lots of love xx

  • Sriram

    Hello Lauren,

    Onions and garlic are a strict no-no at my place. Staying hydrated is the best remedy for the Indian summer. Oil bath once a week works wonders too!


    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Sriram,

      Are you Jain? I would be very interested to know my you do not consume onions and garlic, something I have also been curious about!

      Take care

  • Shobha

    Hi Lauren, Hope you stay cool in the summer heat, eating lots of fruits like grapes, oranges and watermelon can also help counter the boiling hot temps. Drinking lots of lemonade, coconut water, kokum sherbet and panha will help too.
    My grandmother said, in Pune, in the old days people used to place ‘khas khas’ blinds/shades on the windows and splash them with water. Eco friendly AC.
    Just came back from a week in cool England, it was lovely to see the flowers, leafy trees and gorgeous green fields. You will get the same experience when the monsoon rains start.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Shobha,

      Lovely to hear from you! I really love fruit, your comment reminds me that we must buy some more today. I am looking for lychees! I also LOVE coconut water and lemon water, it’s great!!

      I am very jealous about your recent trip to England, it really is lovely this time of year! I miss bluebells and daffodils.

      I hope you are well!! Take care, lots of love xx

  • Sriram

    Hello Lauren,

    I am a tamil iyengar. We do not consume either of garlic or onion primarily due to their smell. Second, consumption of onion causes one of the nerves in the tongue to constrict resulting in not so clear pronunciation of words. Clear pronunciation is imperative when you do the daily prayers if not the meaning of a verse chanted changes (Sanskrit being a ‘punny’ language). Third, onion and garlic are ridden with aphrodisiac properties


    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Sriram,

      That’s really interesting, thank you so much for sharing! I thought it was only Jain’s who didn’t eat garlic and onions, then after your comment I remembered my Gujarati Hindu friend didn’t eat them either!

      I hope you are well! 😀

  • Japan Can(ada) Mix

    Wow! What a crazy way to cool down! I’m so curious how this was discovered in the first place. 😀 Havd you tried eating cold cucumbers? That’s common in Japan and it surprisingly works! Another onecI like from Australia is wearing a wet bandana or cloth around my neck.

  • JamminGal

    I randomly found your page today and it’s so interesting! I’ve always loved learning about different cultures. That onion remedy is interesting. My family is going to Walt Disney World in Florida in 2 months and it’ll be very hot and humid. I’m not sure the other people at Disney would appreciate us smelling of onions but I’m really curious about it and tempted to try it!

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