My Heartbroken Lizard Friend 38

I just wanted to write a small post about my heartbroken lizard friend (technically a gecko but by the time I understood that, the name ‘lizard friend’ had stuck).Β On my first trip to India, before moving here, I would see two lizard friends sitting together on the side of our house. Every night without fail, there they would be. The married lizard (gecko) couple always brought a smile to my face.

On my return to India I kept a look out for them, hoping to see them again. Sadly, only one lizard friend remained and a few days later, he was gone. I suspect he died of a broken heart.

I have been told that geckos are seen by many as pests here in India, whereas back in England they are put in glass tanks and kept as pets! I think they are sweet and welcome them in my home any day (although I sense my mother-in-law is veryΒ nervous of them after seeing her reaction when I showed her the photo I had taken of lizard friend). Geckos eat mosquitoes and mosquitoes eat me, so if you are still out there lizard friend, please come home!

My Indian Lizard friend (Gecko)

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