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I was starting to think that the first Indian wedding I attend would be my own, but next week weΒ are going to a wedding in Aurangabad. We are driving 10 hours to the home town of the bride, sharing a car with the groom and a few of my husbands other friends. We will be leaving Nagpur on Sunday night and returning early Wednesday morning. It will be so great to see a Hindu wedding first hand and meet the bride who will be moving to Nagpur after the ceremony.

Sadly, I won’t be wearing a saree because my mother-in-law is not coming and without her help I cannot drape it. Instead of a saree I will be wearing a couple of beautiful Indian dresses (I am skilled enough to put on a dress all by myself…). There will be two days of events and lots of dancing, I have even joined in with some of the dance rehearsals with the grooms sister and cousins.

I have lived in India for just over a month now and I have stayed here for five weeks before moving here. During nine or so weeks I have spent in India, I have never had to use a squat toilet. It is highly possible I will have to use one at some point during the trip, unless I am lucky enough to find a Western toilet or I am able to cross my legs for nearly three days, the latter being impossible (and possibly cause me a urinary tract infection). I have reason to be so nervous, these squat toilets and I have history. I spent some time in Africa, whilst there I used my first squat toilet and the experience resulted in the requirement of a change of clothes. Squat toilets are commonΒ in India and India is now my home, this week will probably force me to face one of my fears, a fear I really need to conquer to comfortably travel around India.

I am excited for the coming week, I know the wedding will be so much fun and extremelyΒ beautiful… and I won’t be forgetting to pack extra sets of clothes, just in case.Β 

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Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

41 thoughts on “My First Indian Wedding Invitation

  • melissa

    Oh believe my, not wearing a sari is a good idea! Two weeks ago, it took two women to pin me into one for my cousins wedding in Goa!! And when they say dance, they really mean it. The compare kept yelling “No dancing, no food!” Good luck and enjoy it xx

  • Crystal (My Hindi Heart)

    Ohh! I’m so excited for you! How wonderful that you will be able to experience a Hindu wedding before your own. I bet the dancing will be so much fun! I just love dancing. Draping a saree is a complicated process. I’ve never been in a saree, but I’ve seen the draping process.
    No matter what you wear, you will be lovely. πŸ™‚ I hope you have a great time, and best wishes to the couple! β™₯

    • Lauren (English Wife, Indian Life)

      Thank youuu!!
      I am not looking forward to the dancing part, I love dancing in the privacy of my bedroom.. not in front of people. I guess that is just another fear to conquer!

      I am sure lots of ladies will want to dress you up in a saree when you arrive in India. I hope you are well and ready for you trip!! x

  • aobeamber

    Have you ever used western toilet as squat toilets?? I bet not)) that’s what usually ladies in my office do, every day. Now imagine them standing with feet on them πŸ˜› if they managed to survive dealing with such inconvenience as western toilet you can conquer squat too πŸ˜› at least squat toilets are more safe for not catching any urinate diseases.

  • Andrea

    You will have a fantastic time at the wedding! Glam up the dresses with a great hairdo, makeup, and jewelry and you will look like a movie star πŸ™‚

    Do not worry about the toilets too much! If you can squat flat-footed as opposed to on your toes (most Westerners can’t do this as we have not practiced) you will be better off. Grab all fabric that goes in between your legs and pull as far forward as possible (or just remove it if there’s a hook! No one is watching you in the bathroom!) Also protip: wearing heels makes the squatting easier πŸ˜‰

    Just be judicious with your water intake while actually on the road as places for women to stop and use the ‘facilities’ may be few and far between. Guys just whip it out and relieve themselves on the road. No such luck for girls. Once you get to your destination, rehydrate — but I found it better to just limit myself to sips of water while actually on the car journeys. (Obviously don’t do this if you’re ill or prone to dehydration but if you can, you’ll be more comfortable.)

    • Lauren (English Wife, Indian Life)

      I am taking my heels!!!! Thank you sooo much for your advice, your words will echo through my mind when the time comes πŸ˜› I really hope there is a hook, I have already told my husband there is a chance that he might have to wait outside the door and hold my clothes!!

      Thank you so much again, Andrea! I have to buy some make-up!! x

      • Andrea

        BTW they DO make Lakme colors in super fair ranges but if you brought a foundation in your own color from home, wear it. Do not let the makeup girls at Lakme or at the salons give you a makeover. The colors will pop tooooo much! Find some good makeup tutorials on YouTube and follow them (Kim Kardashian’s are the best, whatever else you think of her)

        • Lauren (English Wife, Indian Life)

          I had some powder from home, I also found mascara and brown eye shadow lurking… I really wanted to get some eyeliner but we didn’t have time to go shopping. It was fine though, next time!! Really bright make-up scares me on my own face because I rarely wear make-up, so definitely not getting a makeover haha!!

          I didn’t know she did tutorials!! I will check them out!! Thank you so much again Andrea!! x

  • Cyn

    Enjoy! Saree draping is not that difficult, doing it right take a little practice, the though part is keeping it in good shape while wearing one.

  • stockdalewolfe

    I share your fears. When I was in a very remote village in the mountains of Sicily where my grandfather came from I did not go to the bathroom the whole time. We were only there a short time but this is obviously not an adequate coping mechanism. My husband who lived in the Middle East for a few years says you get used to them. Actually squat toilets are supposed to be better for the body.

    And I envy you for going to an Indian wedding and dancing. It should be great fun.
    Just listen to the music and let your body respond as if you were alone in the room. I do understand not wanting anyone to see but they will be busy celebrating and probably won’t be looking. Enjoy it and I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures.

    You will probably blend in and look beautiful and have a great time! xx ellen

    • Lauren (English Wife, Indian Life)

      Hi Ellen,

      Well today is the day I leave for the wedding- I have decided to stop drinking liquids from now on (we are leaving in the evening) to avoid needing a wee on the 10 hour road trip!

      I hope I get used to it but the first step is to JUST DO IT! Haha!

      My camera is on charge so I will take some photos and post them! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

      I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!! Lauren x

  • Melissa

    Lauren, just love your blog and have read all your posts. You have a wonderful talent of writing and you go into depth with each post and give us an insight into each article you write. Congratulations to you and your husband and may you both be happy for years to come. You both are such a cute couple. I am intrigued with Indian weddings, never seen such color and celebration! I’ve never been to an Indian wedding before either, but it looks like it would be lots of fun. Here where I live in Dallas, Texas, USA we have some great looking weddings. I can only imagine having 400 to 600 guest or more at a wedding, such expense for the family. I thought we me and my husband got married 25 years ago and we had 200 people that was a lot, (not really compared to an Indian wedding.) You both will have a wonderful time and it will be a great learning experience for you. Give us a few pictures and let us know how it was when you return home.

    • Lauren (English Wife, Indian Life)

      Thank you sooo much for reading and enjoying, Melissa!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

      My mother-in-law told me we are going to have 1000 guests at our wedding, my husband said the guest list should only be about 450 though (phew!). We will start shopping soon!

      200 people is a lot by western standards!! I think most weddings in England have about 50-80 guests maximum!

      I have my camera charging so I will definitely take a couple of snaps.

      Thank you SO much again! I hope you and your husband are well! Lauren x

      • Melissa

        Lauren, I am fainting with the number of your guests for your wedding! Wow, that is shocking. Your wedding will be very special and gosh you have a lot going on with planning your wedding with that many all your family. My blessing to both of you and your husband. I will keep reading posts and living vicariously through your experience. Have fun at the wedding. xoxo, Melissa

  • anotherkiraninnyc

    Okay so first things first. Squat toilet…. roll up your pant legs before you even get into the toilet area. Then stand over the hole with your feet pointing at an slight angle sideways (more comfortable than pointing straight ahead), Unhook your pants and scrunch ALL the material down to your knees (sort of bunched up neatly around your knees. Scrunch UP the bottom hem of your blouse/kameez/whatever towards your chest. Sit down and now quite naturally your pants are nicely secured around your bent knees and your bottom is exposed. Nothing gets wet or dirty. I wish I could actually draw pictures here. This is truly important stuff!

    • Lauren (English Wife, Indian Life)

      That is really good advice, thank you so much!!! Illustrations would be helpful.. I just returned from the trip and thankfully Aurangubad is abundant with Western toilets…’until the next trip, Eastern toilets’ *in a villain type tone!*


  • Neeli

    Hey Lauren!! I’m glad you are going for a hindu wedding!! Hope you’ll ve fun.. n will explore hindu rituals.. which ultimately will help in your wedding πŸ˜€

    dont forget to share pics… πŸ™‚

  • madhmama

    Don’t worry about the squat toilets, they are easy! Just stash some baby wipes in your purse!
    Have fun at the wedding! My only tip is to totally overdress πŸ˜‰

  • thelosperspective

    What an amazing wedding invitation! Lord Krishna symbolism to the max! πŸ™‚ Love it! You know, I fear having to use a squat toilet ever in my life, and they I do go to India, that fear will need to be faced. Tell us how that was, the best you can… HAHAHAHA πŸ˜€

  • The Fourth Continent

    Everything is so pretty – that wedding invite is ornate and gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed yourself. In dirty places, I actually find eastern toilets more hygienic to use sometimes compared to the western toilets – you don’t know what you’re sitting on hahaha…

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