My First Holi: High & Dry 15

The Holika bonfires were still burning on the morning of my first Holi, our neighbours had decided to cook their breakfast on the fading embers (resourceful!). Nagpur had Holi fever.

I stood at my bedroom window as packs of guys, bright pink and green from head to toe, on motorbikes prowled the streets with water pistols. Everyone I saw from the window had colour on them; the uncles on their morning walks had pink hair, the children running around with water pistols had crimson faces and wifes perching on the back of motorbikes (wearing sarees) were covered in all sorts of colours. It was beautiful but I avoided it at all costs!

Holi Colours!

Maybe I am boring? I really did not fancy being soaked and stained with colour… maybe next year. I definitely enjoyed watching from afar! We went to Dominoes for lunch ( the only shop open- I guess shops would need to redecorate if they open their doors on Holi), we were the only ones in the whole restaurant who had not been Holified, even the staff had pink faces and hands from their pre-work celebrations. I was actually surprised the pizza wasn’t served pink!!

It took several days for me to stop noticing the post-Holi stains on people and slowly the explosions of colour on the streets faded away.

So, why do people throw colours each other? Holi celebrates the divine love between Radha and Lord Krishna. As a child, Lord Krishna wondered why his complexion was dark while Radha was so fair. His mother told him that complexion doesn’t matter and suggested, joking, he should paint Radha’s face any colour he chooses if it would make him happy. Lord Krishna thought this was a great idea, he smeared Radha’s face with beautiful colours and colourful festival of Holi was born. This festival is still as mischievous as Lord Krishna, people also cover their loved one with bright colors and play pranks. 

I have never seen anything like it!!

About Lauren Mokasdar

Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

15 thoughts on “My First Holi: High & Dry

  • Christina Dunya

    Thank you for sharing this lovely and informative post with us! 🙂 Hope you’re ok! 🙂 Hopefully my boyfriend and I will experience Holi for ourselves next year! 🙂 Have a wonderful friday Lauren! 🙂

  • loveonthebeach

    I was in Delhi for my first Holi last year and watching people on the streets was so crazy! I would probably be scared of celebrating with strangers too, but my BIL lives in a secure complex so we could have our own fun with just family.

  • Gopal Sekhar

    Hi this very good profile of HOli, how are you cooking with the temperature, in your isn’t gram, the one photo where you wearring a white sarrie with your husband is very good, now are you wearring the sarrie all by yourself or are you getting help from your sister in law.Nagpur is also famous for oranges, have you had some.

  • stockdalewolfe

    Have seen Holi celebrations in Bollywood movies but did not know its meaning. Thank you for explaining the significance of the holiday. It must also be very cathartic. A friend told me he allows himself to cut loose on Holi. As always, couldn’t wait to read your post!!

      • friend

        You missed out on a lot of fun. The first holi after marriage is spescial for the couple. There is no greater pleasure than playing holi with someone you love. The first time it is intmidating but once someone pours colour/water on you, you are possessed by the overwhelming desire to smear him/her with colour. It unleases the child in you. A note caution, play holi only with known people. I guess you husband too not very much into holi.

  • Cyn

    Ohh you will have to go play Holi next year, this is loads of fun, and a very good way to beat the heat. Stick to cosmetic grade and organic powder though, they wash off easily and do not leave stains for days. Our building have a holi party every year and we celebrate all together on the parking lot with water guns and colours before eating chaats loads loads of fun.

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