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When I was flying back to India, my husband wasn’t the only man I was excited to see. Alfonso has been such a light in our lives since we first set eyes on him, that wrinkly bundle of cuteness. He has filled those hours of loneliness with laughs and love, I really owe him so much. Anyone thinking of moving abroad for love, I highly recommend getting a pet because when you find yourself in a different culture, unable to work and your spouse is away a lot, pets are amazing company and they will gladly listen to your problems! Alfonso is by my side constantly (he even follows me to the bathroom), so when I went to England for six weeks, I knew we would miss each other.


As soon as I arrived in the UK, I skyped my husband and on hearing my voice Alfonso ran around the room looking for me. After the first video chat, he knew that I wasn’t coming back and so didn’t even react to the sound of my voice. Alfonso was angry. I wish I could have explained to him that I would be back soon and I hadn’t abandoned him. Alfonso did have a good time whilst I was away though, lots of walks and cuddles from lots of people.

In England, I couldn’t stop talking about Alfonso. I missed my boys so much! It’s hard it to live your life between two countries when you have a pet, you feel really guilty leaving them! I wish that he and my husband could have come to England with me. Alfonso would have loved to run around around the English meadows with his British cousins (Tula and Missy, our family dogs).


Tula (Golden Retriever) and Missy (the small one who is a mix!)


On my return to Nagpur, I couldn’t get to Alfonso fast enough. When I opened the front door, Alfonso was sat on the sofa and I expected him to go crazy but he just sat there frozen. He didn’t move, it took ten seconds for him to process that I was actually back, then all hell broke loose. Alfonso started jumping over me, kissing me all over and crying so much that he was struggling to breathe. I was so exhausted after my huge journey, but Alfonso didn’t want me to straight to sleep! My husband took him out of the bedroom, but he just cried and barked until he was let back in again.

Alfonso jumper green pug

Alfonso in his jumper from England, for those winter nights!

My first night in India, he slept across my neck, to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere. For several days after that he was really clinging, I guess he thought he would never see me again and didn’t want to risk me disappearing! Love really does hurt, I was black and blue with bruises from Alfonso’s excitement!! It looked like I had been in a fight, a losing fight! You wouldn’t believe it! I love my little Alfonso!


Reunited, Alfonso is checking himself out in the mirror (Yup, I have a pug chunni now!)

About Lauren Mokasdar

Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

14 thoughts on “My Other Long Distance Relationship

  • stockdalewolfe

    You’re very blessed, Lauren. The love of a husband and the love of a dog. It doesn’t get much better than this. We had a pooch for a good ten years after my Mom took sick. She died at 17 and a half. We had a good ten years of love with her. In fact, every time my husband and I hugged, she would come running to be included in a group hug. She was our love doggie.
    Glad you’re back with your men.
    Lots of love,

  • Tracy Cox

    Oh that makes my heart melt~~~I know the feeling. Having had to leave my beloved Chihuahua for SEVEN longs months when we relocated to India and they had changed the law not allowing anymore pets in. I HAD to return for her. She had lost so much weight while I was gone that she had almost died. It was heartbreaking. But we came back and she has regained all of her weight and so happy~ We even brought her a friend back from India. An Indian street dog we named Princess Fiona. They are BEST friends and would be lost without each other~

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Tracy,

      Awww! I bet that was so hard!!! Aww! Alfonos is the reason I could never leave India, I couldn’t see him do that! SO happy you guys are back together and having a new friend too! Amazing!!!

      Lots of love to you and your pooches! xx

  • Antonina

    “Anyone thinking of moving abroad for love, I highly recommend getting a pet”
    Lauren, where have you been with this advice 7 years ago when I just moved to India and felt so frustrated? 🙂

  • caroline reay

    Alfonso might have his own problems with culture shock if you bring him to the UK. At least he’s not a street dog! A lot of people who “rescue” street dogs (with all good intentions) don’t realise how hard it is for these dogs to adapt to family life in Europe

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