Uncontactable: My Husband is in the Himalayas 18

It is so hard to have thousands of miles between you and your beloved, and it’s even harder when you have no contact for nearly a week!

My husband had to travel to Himachal Pradesh (western Himalayas) for work this week and this region doesn’t have any network coverage. It has shown me how much of my day I spend talking with him over Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook and Skype. Thank you God for technology! I have a voicemail from him and I must have listened to this 28 second voicemail over 100 times. I miss his voice so badly!

Foreign Wife in India wearing Saree

I have been waking up disappointed because I usually have some messages waiting for me. I went to a coffee shop after work today while usually I am rushing home to Skype him: I had to eat the largest possible piece of chocolate cake simply to console myself.

I am just counting down the hours until he is back in Nagpur. I love Nagpur, with its network coverage and internet. I cannot believe how traumatic and distressing not speaking to him has been for me, every passing second I am wondering what he is doing and how he is feeling. Geographically he may actually be closer to me whilst he is in the Himalayas but without access to the internet or network coverage he could not be further away.

Until he returns I will keep listening to my 28 second voicemail, eat lots of cake and talk to him as if he can hear me.. If I close my eyes and concentration I can feel the warmth of my husband besides me.

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