Happy Republic Day 20

Happy Republic Day! Today marks the day, back in 1950,ย when India’s constitution came into force completing the country’s transition to an independent republic (after gaining independence from the British three years earlier). Republic day is a national holiday here in India but unfortunately this year it fell on a Sunday, which is already my husbands day off.

During the last couple of days there have been a lot of people selling Indian flags in preparation, and today Nagpur was orange, white and green. Whilst driving through the city flags were on every street, fluttering on cars, hanging from homes and almost every shop had flags stuck to their windows or orange, white and green balloons at their entrances. Children’s faces had beenย painted the nations colours and I saw several kids clutching small flags travelling on overloaded two-wheelers (seeing a family of four riding on a single two-wheeler does not shock me at all anymore).

It was so lovely to see such patriotism along every street, even flying in the sky in the form of Indian flag kites.

Happy 65th Republic Day, India!

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