Everywhere Chairs: The Plastic Chairs of India 40

You can’t really go far without seeing a plastic chair in India, we would usually call these chairs ‘garden furniture’ in England. I now think of them as everywhere chairs. Living rooms, the doctor’s office, every other type of office, classrooms, bedrooms, chat stands, paan stands, restaurants, hotels, the roadside, outside shops, inside shops and very occasionally, in gardens. When we moved into our apartment, we didn’t have a great deal of money to buy lots of furniture so instead of buying a sofa, we bought plastic chairs.Β 

Cheap, quite comfortable, easy to clean, easy to move… perfect!

Perfect, that is, until I decided to sit on my husband’s lap one afternoon after lunch. The two back legs snapped off, throwing up both backwards. No one was harmed in the fall, if you don’t includeΒ the chair and my body image. To conclude, everywhere chairs are very useful but remember, they are only made of plastic, so don’t be too ambitious with them.

broken plastic chair india


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Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

40 thoughts on “Everywhere Chairs: The Plastic Chairs of India

  • Antonina

    Sorry to hear that, Lauren! Yes, one should be careful with these chairs – they’re not stable, kids fall from them too when they climb on the chair and lean on the back.
    But they are great and multifunctional anyway πŸ™‚ Once I was buying toys for my daughter and there was a set of chairs for dolls which were miniature copies of our big plastic chairs. I couldn’t resist πŸ™‚

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Eaaak, Antonina, I can imagine kids rocking back of them and really hurting themselves! Ouch!
      I am in love with the fact you have miniature everywhere chairs!!!!

      I hope you are all well! xx


    NEFARIOUS FOREIGNERS (especially anglo-saxons ) are on the mission to christianize india using sweettalks. This Lauren is one of them. only a person of lower caste(like her husband) can fall into this trap

    • SP

      You clearly have not read anything that Lauren has written. Happy trolling…elsewhere!
      Lauren delete this loser’s comment!

    • garga sarkar

      i think you are a christian evangelist yourself,otherwise you would not have used the word caste,and by using your name as hindu you want to tell the world that hindus are castiest, and everybody knows that “being castiest’ and ‘atrocities on the lower caste” are the two propaganda that these evangelists employ to convert hindus.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Well, my husband and I don’t believe that castes are lower or higher than each other. That said, if you were actually a “HINDU” you would see from this blog that my husband is a Brahmin. That doesn’t make him better than anyone else but it does show that you don’t actually know anything.

    • Kumar

      Your comment like this shows how PATHETIC person your are. If you have little courage then try to use your real name , don’t use big words to hide.

      Lauren you can always ignore such things, I am sure by now you might have learned how to handle such things..

      • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

        Dear Kumar,

        Yes, you are right. It’s very shameful. Luckily I have a function on my blog so that when this commenter comments again, it goes straight into the trash can, even if he supplies a different email address, I don’t see it. It’s very clever.

        I hope you are well! πŸ™‚

    • san

      Dear Hindu,
      Request you to be polite.Foreigners coming India and trying to get accustomed with Indian way of living should be welcomed and appreciated.
      Rather , I found the story about plastic chair fall hilarious.

      • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

        Thank you, San.
        This commenter is blocked now so even if he submits a comment then it goes straight to trash, he was being so vile to many of my dear commenters as well as attacking me. I feel sorry for him, he must be unstable.

        I hope you are well!!

  • friend


    It just proves that plastic chairs are not suitable for romance. Better try something more sturdy LOL. No offence meant. How is your health?? have you fully recovered from the bout of dysentry.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Haha, yes! This is proof!

      My health is improving daily, I still have a very weak stomach but it’s not as painful anymore, thankfully! πŸ™‚

  • cynthia haller

    Oh I remember these! When we were young and had a limited budget, we bought 4 plastic chairs and a plastic coffee table! The chairs pretty much all died after a year or two. We found out that it makes them not that cheap considering how breakable they are.

    Glad you guys didn’t get harmed in the fall

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Dear Cyn,
      We bought the same, 4 chairs and a plastic table. Still got 3 chairs left but it means we can only have one guest at a time haha!

      I hope you are well xx

  • Dasi

    My sister-in law did thee same thing you did. She sat on her husband’s lap in such a chair and they both ended up on the floor after the chair’s legs gave way. They were in Ireland at the time in their bedroom, not the garden πŸ˜›

  • P.T.Raj

    Purchase chairs which are thicker & good brand ones like supreme it will be better
    than local ones.

  • Susan

    Cute post! LOL! We didn’t have a lot of money when we first got married either, and it took a while to afford a sofa. Have a good weekend!

  • Everyday Asia

    Hehe! When I first moved to Delhi, whicker stools and chairs were super cheap and a much studier alternative. πŸ˜‰

    Personally, I don’t like these ‘Everywhere’ plastic chairs but they do have their uses! Even if not suitable for couples. πŸ˜‰

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Carissa,

      We tried to get whicker chairs but they were so expensive here πŸ™ shame, might have to go to Delhi for some because I think that they look so nice!
      Maybe they need to start making 2 wider everywhere chairs πŸ˜› xx

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