Dear Friends & Readers… 58

Hello!! I know, it’s been a while!

A couple of days ago I published a message on my Facebook page regarding my disappearance, today I realised that not all of you are on Facebook, so I will repeat the same message here…

I didn’t realise it had been so long!! You may have noticed my writing and correspondence has been pretty patchy recently. I have suffered with fatigue (emotional and physical) for the past 10 months or so (especially during that Indian heat wave). Due to this I decided to take some time off from blogging without putting pressure on myself to return.

I needed a time to adjust to India and regain my health without worrying about trolls or abuse via my blog. I needed to get back into my natural rhythm and start living life to the full. Several adjustments to my diet, daily routine and spiritual practices later, I am feeling pretty good! So good in fact, I don’t think a troll has a chance of spoiling my day.

I really needed this time. Since moving to India I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my experiences with you, but I needed some quiet time to fully recalibrate and gain strength after such a huge life changing event (picture a caterpillar warm, cosy and silent inside a chrysalis). Thankfully these days I feel well adjusted and I’m enjoying watching the butterflies dance together in the post summer breeze.

Thank you sooooooooo much for your continued support and love. It’s really such an amazing feeling to be able to connect with so many wonderful people!!!

During the next couple of weeks I will start responding to your emails, comments and even start posting again. You’ll be hearing from me soon! I didn’t forget about you, my deepest apologies if you have waited for my reply!

Thank you so much again,

Sending love,

Lauren xx

P.S. I usually share extra bits and pieces on my Facebook page or Instagram, so if you are ever interested in what we are getting up to and you don’t see any updates on my blog, please check out my Facebook page and Instagram!

About Lauren Mokasdar

Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

58 thoughts on “Dear Friends & Readers…

  • Jocelyn - Speaking of China

    I can totally understand, Lauren! I’ve been pretty wiped out myself from the heat and being busy here in China — I’ve needed to take a step back a bit from my writing as well. Sending you hugs from Hangzhou, China and get lots of rest!

  • Everyday Asia

    Welcome back but also – ‘chill’! As in literally find ways to chill out, chill about posting, chill about any kind of social obligation… I’m a firm believer that a blog should be fun to do. If not, then stop… start again only if you really feel like it. Best wishes. 🙂

  • Antonina

    Great to hear from you and sad to know about the trolls – they really shouldn’t have a slightest chance to spoil your days. Waiting for your updates on the blog – it’s always a pleasure.

  • rohit

    take your time friend…i am happy that you are successfully trying to adjust in India. Just with the help of your love and friends you can turn another country into your home. Soon we will read your daily experience

  • Genevieve LV Wisen

    Hi Lauren,

    I am one of your followers. I discovered your blog two months ago when I was searching for more articles on life in India as well as Interracial Relationships since I am in one (Filipina married to an American). I read one of your articles and I have been hooked. I am happy that you are back and am truly looking forward to more articles about you and your family. I’m glad you are feeling wonderful, I hope you continue to live a happy and positive life. Take care always!

  • Aobeamber

    You shoudn’t pressure yourself with blogging or you will end up hating it.

    I am suprised with people who troll you as well as I pity them for not having anything else to do. Probably, their life is really boring.

    I admire your kind nature though and feel sorry some people have guts to adress something negative to you. I wished people would stop being rude to others for their own sake too, because this is how they get same good attitude in return as well.

  • stockdalewolfe

    Dear Lauren,

    First off, I am glad you are okay. Was a bit worried about you so glad to hear you are alright. And also glad you did not give up blogging though, I agree, if you are not enjoying it, give it up. Thought you might be working on a book. I, myself, have not been blogging much. A medicine HUGE change after 20 years and things with my husband’s job have been why. Also with the psychiatric medicine change came a horrible withdrawal and I have had to get my bearings with a new regime. So welcome back!!! Lots of love, Ellen P.S. Sorry about the trolls.

  • Banjara Soul

    Welcome back, dear! I am glad to know that you are feeling good and full of energy to keep writing your amazing stories to us! Take care and God bless you!

  • Nicola

    I think you did exactly the right thing in taking some time out from blogging, Lauren, under the circumstances. Very sorry to hear that you have been trolled and received abusive messages though. I completely agree with others who say that you shouldn’t feel obliged to blog as it will undoubtedly become burdensome if you do feel that, rather than something you enjoy and draw strength from.

  • Bee

    You get trolls too, eh? I once posted a blog entry that referenced my miscarriage and I received trolls that told me I deserved it, I wasn’t a woman, the whole nine yards. I deleted that entry out of shame and fear but just today I posted another entry about my experiences because honestly — WHO CARES what a troll has to say? They have no lives and they only experience the world through the suffering and misery of others. I certainly won’t be part of that so I say “No!” and move on 🙂 I hope you can do the same and I hope we’ll see regular postings from you soon! Love you tons, Lauren!

    — Bee

    • Nicola

      Hello Bee,
      It literally took my breath away to hear that you had received such disgusting abuse from trolls about your miscarriage, and I’m so sorry that you had to experience that. Reading that Lauren had experienced abusive comments from trolls, I realised that she must delete these as we never see them. And I wondered whether it might be better if she left them for all to see, as no doubt many of us would respond by telling the trolls exactly what we thought of them. I understand that a blogger may not want their blog sullied with all that muck, with the attention shifting to the trolls, as we end up responding to the trolls more than to the blog. However, I wondered if it might be beneficial for Lauren if she did not have to deal with the impact the abusive comments make all by herself. What do you think?
      Wishing you all the best,

      • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

        Dear Nicola,
        I do delete about 80% of them because a lot of them are either sexual in nature or death threats and I don’t want people to get upset by them. It’s so sad 🙁
        I try my best to leave the comment section uncensored but some things I just cannot share!
        Take care, much love,
        Lauren xx

        • Nicola

          I’ve just stumbled upon a video on YouTube, entitled “An Explanation For My Absence” by Claudia Boleyn, that I think would be really valuable for you to watch.

          • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

            Wow, Nicola, thank you so much for this video!!!! I have shared it with some of my blogger friends too!

            I can relate to this so much, the rape and death threats really do shake you and also the attacks for speaking about mental illness are so insensitive!

            Also, I loved the preview of how gorgeous my future children will be!

            Thank you so much, I am subscribed to her now! xx

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      I am so so SO sorry you had to experience this, Bee. Sending you a huge hug and my deepest sympathies.
      It’s so sad because I am not shocked, I have been told I should be raped to death and burnt alive. It’s horrendous and they are losers.
      Sending lots and lots of love to youuuu!!! <3 xx

      • Bee

        Thank you my dear! You have my sympathies as well! As women it’s a requirement that we grow a thick skin because of the barbs that are hurled at us on a constant basis in regards to our sexuality, our womb, our intelligence, or our lifestyle choices. We are constantly targeted (even by other women, which is so sad) and as a result have to form a shield around ourselves and those we love. It’s a tough thing to constantly do, though, which is why I’ve decided to not let it get to me as much! I’m hoping that you stay strong and happy as well. Life is too short to let that stuff bring us down. We should spend our lives being happy, since our lives are so finite as it is. Sending lots of love to you also! xoxox

  • Anshuman

    Hi Lauren,
    Glad to see that you are back and feel sorry for the abusive and filthy messages that you received. I believe people have written them out of envy. Although they do leave an impact but please continue to write as and when you can. What you went through is the burn out syndrome as we refer to it in workplace. The only remedy to it is relax and give time to yourself.

  • wandalii

    HI… Take your Time Lauren, India can be very exhausting and it’s very important to take care of yourself. Cos in this Millions of People its easy to loose yourself. Take some quite and relaxing Time just for yourself, no need to stress and run around like everyone else 🙂
    I love your Blog, it is giving me lots of positive energy and power!
    So if you are feeling fatigue or putting yourself under pressure, just take your Time! Every Follower will understand you and give you the space to write whenever you want to!
    Wish you all the Best and lots of Energy

  • natalie

    Hello Lauren 🙂 I love your blog! It’s an inspiration to me! What are you applying on your face? It’s so flawless :))

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