Cute Babies of India 17

Babies of every species are overwhelmingly cute, even those ‘ugly’ ducklings. I have seen so many babies during my first six months living in India and here are a few of my favourites…

The photographer baby

He was so adorable. When the groom of a wedding we attended came in riding a horse, everyone started taking photographs and this little guy didn’t want to miss out. His father gave him his phone so he could take some photos too, I couldn’t help but take a photograph of the photographer!

cutie pie in india little boy groom mare golden marriage wedding Gingerboy the Calf

The little calve who lives at our grandparents place, he probably isn’t so little now. He was such an affectionate babe, his mum had just finished bathing him so his hair had been licked in every direction. We wanted to take him home!

ginger calf very cute indianThe Waddle Chick

We saw every stage of this little guys creation (yup, every stage). His parents woke us up every morning with their ‘cuddling’ on our window sill, they then made a nest on our terrace and soon this little ball of fluff was waddling around our flower pots eating worms.

cute baby bird lovely India babies chick adorable The Little Kitty

She probably wasn’t a baby, Indian cats are usually tiny. Nevertheless, she was as a cutie ! You can see her here after being chased up a tree by a neighbours dog. I imagine she is saying ‘nah-nah nah nahnah!’ and blowing a huge raspberry to that dog who had no chance of getting up the tree!

cat up a tree in India, chased by a dogBaby Monkey

We saw hundreds of baby monkeys when we went to visit Ramtek in April, this one was particularly cute, itching his bottom.

baby monkey ramtek cute itch india

Baby with a Monkey

It was lovely to watch this little girl, again at Ramtek, feeding this gentle monkey.

cute girl feeding monkey ramtek Nagpur darling babiesLast, but definitely not least…

Our Baby Pug

Bringing home this character was on of the best decisions we have ever made. Couldn’t live without our Alfonso now!

fonzi smaller cute pug puppy alfonso pinkBabies of every species warm our hearts,  I hope these guys have put a smile on your face!

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