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We bought a new cooler last week and our cooler has a name. Our cooler is called Mr. Breeze (seriously, he has a name, it’s written on his remote) and it feels as if we have welcomed a deafening jet engine into our home. A deafening jet engine with a name! Mr. Breeze is one cool character and I must appreciate the fact he is making our home livable!

I like Mr. Breeze a lot, he works so well but gracious me, he is one noisy roommate! The first night he moved into our room, it was like sleeping on an extremely loud aeroplane, in the cargo bay. That night, I had a dream that we were in an aeroplane crash. I woke up suddenly to see Mr. Breeze, doing his business, banishing silence from the world. My cooler is giving me nightmares!

You know that white noise type sound a radio makes when it’s off station, imagine hanging out with an off station radio on high volume all day. Slowly, I’m getting used to his relentless chatter and Mr. Breeze is becoming less of a headache.

Mr. Breeze, your growing on me, thanks for keeping us cool. I have the overwhelming urge to paint a face on you, and that’s exactly what I’ll do!

Mr. Breeze the cooler

Mr. Breeze, say cheese!


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About Lauren Mokasdar

Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

42 thoughts on “Mr. Breeze the Cooler!

  • Susan

    I’m so glad you have Mr. Breeze to make these summer months more bearable! I was confused, though, because in American English a cooler is what you put ice and a picnic in! It makes no noise at all since it’s a plastic or styrofoam box! I couldn’t figure out why you had a noisy one with a remote. Once I saw the picture it made sense. We call it an air conditioner or an a/c. We couldn’t live in Florida in the summer without it. The humidity gets close to 100%, and the temperature 90-95 degrees most days. Glad you’re comfortable! Take care, Susan

    • JOHN

      Susan this is not an air conditioner or an a/c. It is an air cooler. They are two diffirent things entirely.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Close to 100% humidity, that sounds terrible Susan!!
      This is a water cooler which is much cheaper to run than an A/C. It’s been a life saver and a money saver 😀

      I hope you are well xx

  • friend


    It is a room air cooler which uses water as coolant. This plastic air coolers often produce humidity since the air that the suck remain circulates in the room itself unlike the desert coolers which are installed on windows and throw the air of the room outside. I have have plastic cooler but it makes much noise and creates humidity.

    The best coolers are the steel ones which are hung on the windows. Every summer it was a ritual to bring down the cooler from the attic, paint it, change its straw pads and motor. These steel coolers worked for years till the body started rusting or the wiring became faulty. These look like heavy armored warriors.

    That was the time when AC was like owning a private jet for the middle class. An electricity guzzling device which was frighteningly expensive. . I remember the drawing room used to resemble like a mini movie theater because the neighbors would gather at our home to watch TV since very few people had TV. I guess at that time anything which used technology like TV, fridge, telephones, scooters etc. was like space age technology since very few people possessed them anyway. You can call the Indian of 1970-1980s as the Europe of 1940-50s when consumer goods were slowly making their presence felt in the society.

    These are pictures of Indian steel desert coolers which use water for cooling also called poor man’s AC

    Room coolers are very good for dry summers but in humid conditions they are dangerous. You may fall ill and since you are recuperating from illness I suggest that you stay away from coolers and AC for sometime. I suggest that you install and AC. I works fantastically well both in dry and humid conditions. There was a time a desert cooler would do but then we were not introduced to the charms of an AC. Then AC could only be found in cinema halls and restaurants/hotels which very few people visited anyway given our purchasing power at that time.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Friend,

      Luckily we have dry summers in Nagpur so it’s been working very well for us. We put Mr. Breeze in our terrace doorway and works a charm, and we wheel him around the house when needed. An A/C is a bit costly for us at the moment but maybe some day 😀

      I hope you are well! 😀

  • G

    Hi Lauren,

    I am extremely moved by your wonderful and pristine story. May God bless you both. Your life’s story is a heads up to so many wonderful mixed couples who are on the crossroads of making this crucial decision of marriage. Very inspiring story. I am extremely intrigued to know which vegetarian forum did you guys meet on ?

    I wish you infinite years of togetherness.

    God bless!


  • Shridhan Patil (@shridhan86)

    I suggest you stick to the cooler rather than a/c. As Nagpur has dry summers with temperature above 40 degrees, sudden shifting from a/c to outside is risky.

    Dry summer is less bothersome but risky than the bothersome humid summer.

    Anyway, Indian summer has its charm. The desert cooler smells nice if you add ‘khas’ fragrance. Earthen pots with khas scented water is a summer bliss.
    Khas is called ‘wala’ (with rolled over L) in Marathi. Ask for it and use it in a surai ( earthen drinking water pot). Must try if you haven’t done this.

    Terraces will start getting filled with papads (Indian crisps) spread out for drying.

    Mangoes will be there too.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Hey Sussi,

      I am replying to this comment really late and in the meantime, I am struggling to sleep without the sound, even if the night is cool! Haha 😀 x

  • DTIngole

    Cooler is the simplest solution to chill.In our tropical, that is the best. You will be used to after experiencing its effect in dry and humid climate.

    Enjoy Nagpurian Summer ? 🙂

  • marghini

    Is it summer already in India?

    In Taiwan the weather is still quite cool but I am expecting the crazy heat to be back anytime. Better to keep the AC ready to start working, just in case..

  • cynthia haller

    Mr Breeze for some reason made me think of the Movie Spaceballs where there is a Mr Radar and a Mr Coffee 🙂

    Coolers do not really work in Mumbai. I have a friend who brought hers from Delhi and laments at the fact it is a waste of space. We have a way way way too humid climate on the coast for them to work efficiently. So AC it is for us.
    I am not sure how I would do having something that noisy in my bedroom 🙂 my insomnia would go off the charts.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Haha, argh, I do not envy your humidity! Funnily enough, since posting this I have got used to the noise and it’s quite soothing!
      I hope you are well xx

  • Everyday Asia

    Coolers are great in dry parts! I loved rooms cooled with a cooler in Delhi as it was way less harsh on your system when stepping in from 45+ c!!

    However Bombay is far to humid for these to work and blessedly there are A/C that attempt to not make quite such a racket. We use ours maybe a couple days in the year – once coming up around now and again in November’s 2nd summer.

    Good luck making peace with Mr Breeze!!

  • madhmama

    OMG I have heard from our relatives that it is scorching over there! An A/C is a must! My husband refuses to stay with his relatives now because they have no A/C! lol

  • Sindu

    Hahaa……… Face looks funny on him. I also use a cooler which doesn’t know anything about cooling the environment. This heat in intolerable in some parts of Sri Lanka as well (Specially in the area Im working), these days. So, I can understand you well. hahaaa.

  • Jawahar Elango

    Hi Lauren,

    I have been following your blog for more than an year and almost everydat I look for you new post if any. I don’t see much posts in last 2 months. Hope you are okay.

    Take care.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Aww, Jawahar! I am sorry.

      I have now started to blog again. Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Sorry I took so long to come back, thank you for waiting!!!

      Take care

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