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Many of you will remember that I am lucky enough to know two very inspirational women, Leah and Usha, who have dedicated their lives to rescuing and rehabilitating women who have been abandoned, neglected or living with extreme health issues (mental illness, cancer, HIV/AIDS and leprosy). The charity they have founded, Women In Need (WIN), provides shelter, support and free medical care to marginalised women and their families. One of the great ways WIN works to combat the loneliness and isolation many of the women they help face is to organise regular social events, celebrations and trips.

I was really honoured to be able to attend a Christmas party co-organised by Women In Need. WIN were able to bring Christmas joy to over 200 of the women and children they work with, living with HIV. There was a colourful dance programme, cake and a delicious Indian style Christmas dinner! The message of the celebration was joy, love and peace, and it was beautiful to see so many people of different faiths enjoying the spirit of Christmas together (whilst the very small children enjoyed playing with and popping the red and white balloons)!

women in need christmas party

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Please read more about this wonderful charity and the work they do here…


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