Pregnancy & Motherhood

I’ve spent many hours sat soaking up the tranquil vibes on the marble floor of temples. I used to be a bit apprehensive and nervous to enter, fearing that someone would turn around and say, “hey, Lauren, you absolutely do not belong here”. That has never happened, in fact I have experienced the opposite. […]

Babies & Temple Bells

A couple of days after I became a mother, an elderly lady came up to me and said, “he will teach you as much as you will teach him”. As the months pass by, I can appreciate how true that really is. In our modern, busy world, we are forgetting the importance of listening to our […]

5 Life Lessons from a 5 Month Old

Baby clothes are so adorable, who knew a tiny pair of socks could evoke so many emotions? My husband looks so handsome when he wears traditional Indian clothes, so I was excited for Rohan’s first kurta. I knew it would look incredible. I felt a kurta was essential for his naming […]

Baby’s First Kurta

What does India sound like? You may be thinking of a cacophony of horns. It’s something you get used to, stop noticing and, over time, miss when it’s gone. The sound of traffic becomes comforting and silence begins to feel eerily disconcerting. That is, until you have a small baby […]

Horn NOT OK Please

Introducing Brittany, The Almost Indian Wife, a writer and lovely momma of three gorgeous boys. Brittany’s almost Indian family will be one of the most beautiful things you see today, trust me! I’m so pleased to share Brittany’s reflections on raising her bicultural babies in the United States. As a mother […]

Bringing Indian Culture to America

My name is Alfonso and I have a story to tell. When I was a puppy, my mummy would carry me around everywhere and it made me feel important. She gave me lots of cuddles, walks and attention. I was her fluffy baby and no one could come between us. I lived […]

Baby’s First Friend: Episode 1

It was my 27th birthday yesterday, and what a year it’s been! I can safely say, the best year so far. Far from the easiest, but definitely the happiest. Whilst I was 26, I built stronger bonds with family (in England and India) and broke bonds with unhealthy beliefs about myself. I have learnt that […]

Easiest isn’t always Happiest

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the largest, loudest and most colourful festivals India has to offer. Lord Ganesh comes to town in the form of beautiful lovingly crafted clay idols and placed in homes and temporary temples (pandals) on almost every street corner. The passionate cries of “Ganpati Bappa, Morya” (Lord Ganesh, […]

Baby’s First Ganesh Chaturthi

This monsoon hasn’t been as fierce as previous years, maybe I missed the best of it whilst I was in England. I’ve been waiting for electricity to shatter the sky followed by the tumultuous clap of thunder, but this calmer monsoon has a subtle beauty. Even though this isn’t an angry monsoon, when it does […]

Baby’s First Monsoon Rains

When I was a child, I was fascinated with Greek and Roman mythology. Then I moved to India, I found myself intrigued with Indian myths and legends, it kind of escaped my attention that Britain also has it’s own mythology, legends and folklore. It’s not intertwined with daily life as […]

Walking Up Glastonbury Tor 9 months Pregnant