Learning Marathi & Hindi

“Will your baby speak Marathi, or just English?”, she said as she looked at me, almost disapprovingly. As if my influence would be shielding my son from speaking the local language. I had to suppress my urge to turn defensive and simply smile and say, “both”. I didn’t even know who this woman was. Why […]

Which Language Will Your Baby Speak?

rohan written in Hindi 56
We are planning to have Rohan’s naming ceremony next month (better very late than never) and we have started to think about how we will do it. We know the venue, who we are going to invite, what food we are going to serve and we’ve decided to decorate the […]

I Can’t Write My Child’s Name

I am no polyglot or linguist and my tongue has really struggled to grasp the new sounds the Marathi language has exposed it to. I’ve been told by native Hindi speakers who live in Maharashtra that it’s hard for them to pronounce some Marathi words as well, which makes me feel a little better. It doesn’t stop the people I meet […]

Slip of the Tongue!

Since arriving in India, I have been completely lost in translation. Sitting in a room of people, all of them laughing, except me, sitting there in silence, having no idea what the joke was. I have been picking up a couple of words of Hindi and Marathi here and there but I […]

Marathi & Me