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If you were reading my blog when I first moved to India, you will know that I craved (mourned) good cheese, a lot. I even daydreamed of cheese, living in a cheesy nightmare. The processed cheese found in the supermarkets in Nagpur is comparable to rubber socks, so bad it was best to […]

My Life-Changing Cheesy Discovery

‘Tis the season to eat plums in India, and they are delicious. Fruit and vegetables are seasonal here, unlike in England where you can get the majority of things throughout the year. Eating seasonal is great, it’s something to look forward to and fruit and vegetables always taste better during their […]

Recipe: Christmas Plum Cake (Eggless & Steamed)

Masala chai, there is nothing like it. It’s thick, aromatic, intoxicatingly sweet and packs a punch. My sister, Sammy, loves really strong tea. She always complains about how weak I make tea in England, so when she was visiting us, I had to take her to meet a chai wallah. I am fond […]

Recipe: Masala Chai

I had some major food aversions when I was pregnant. The smell of roasting cumin seeds or hot ghee pushed me into a gut churning nausea I had never experienced before. I had so many cravings I couldn’t quench; fresh raspberries, halloumi cheese, strawberry yoghurt. There were many times when I only wanted orange […]

My Indian Pregnancy Diet

british english cup of tea
Brits and Indians are famous for their love of tea, it’s something we have in common, but the taste of a cuppa and a chai are worlds apart. I love Indian chai but one of the things I missed so much when I moved to India was a nice British cup of tea. Obviously, you […]

Recipe: British Cup of Tea

When I was still living in England, I was hooked on coconut water for a while. Drinking the water of a coconut became one of those ‘oh I must start doing this’ things where we find out about all of the wonderful benefits and end up spending lots of money to get […]

My Coconut Water Health Craze!

I’ve always been rubbish at making roti, I tried and failed so many times, I gave up. They were either overcooked or undercooked and never round. Not even close to being round, you could make a doughy puzzle with them.  I would work up such a sweat to produce something that […]

How I Learnt to Make Perfect Roti

Dhokla is my favourite Indian snack, well, now that pani puri is off the menu. At least four nights a week, my husband buys a small box from Haldiram’s on his way home from his office. Some of you may be asking, what on Earth is a dhokla? Well, the best […]

The Missing Dhokla

onions, heat, summer,
Nagpur is hot and exhausting, so exhausting and hot that yesterday, after a busy week, I couldn’t keep my eyes open whilst eating lunch! What could be the solution to this possibly be? “You need onion juice in your ear”, my husband said. My mother-in-law agreed and the next thing I […]

I can’t hear you, I can only hear onions!

Best of all, they are delicious and only about 40Rs each (that's 40 pence UK, I'd buy one half the size for four times the price back in England) !
I really thought after over fifteen months of living in India, my stomach would be fully prepared to battle and vanquish any invisible parasite or bacteria it found swimming in the delicious pani puri I absolutely adore eating. I seriously thought I had already suffered every shade of digestive issue possible, I […]

Indian Street Food vs. My Digestive System