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happy diwali
Wishing our lovely readers and friends a beautiful and safe Diwali 2016. This festival reminds us of the light that is hope. Even in the darkest of times of despair, if you carry just an ounce of hope, even the smallest diya in your palm, you can walk forward towards something new. Light can over […]

Happy Diwali 2016

Diyas Candle Lit Diwali 31
Dear Lauren, I have been giving serious thought to converting to Hinduism. I was raised Christian and feel as if I am betraying Christianity by even considering converting. I do not belong to a church any more but do read my bible. I feel so lost, Hinduism is calling in a way that is soothing. […]

Advice: Can I be a Christian & a Hindu?

Yay! I’m so happy, my mum and youngest sister have arrived in India to celebrate Rohan’s first Diwali with us! We will also be having Rohan’s naming ceremony this week, so busy busy busy! It’s so lovely for Rohan (and my husband and I) to have so many family members […]

My Mum & Sister are Here for Diwali

I remember so vividly sitting on the London underground on the first night I met my husband. I looked at him and thought ‘this is my husband’. Somehow, I already felt like his wife even though only a couple of hours had passed since we first met in person. I have heard people say that […]

Our Secret Marriage in a Temple

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the largest, loudest and most colourful festivals India has to offer. Lord Ganesh comes to town in the form of beautiful lovingly crafted clay idols and placed in homes and temporary temples (pandals) on almost every street corner. The passionate cries of “Ganpati Bappa, Morya” (Lord Ganesh, […]

Baby’s First Ganesh Chaturthi

Navratri, nine nights of the Goddess, starts in a couple of days. This is definitely my favourite festival, I’m looking forward to seeing the huge Goddess Durga idols on every street. Different communities celebrate Navratri in different ways. Here in Maharashtra, it’s popular to celebrate Navratri with colours. My mother-in-law and […]

9 Colours to Wear This Navratri

adasa ganpati bappa
We arrived at Adasa as dusk was starting to settle and the sun was setting behind the clouds. I wanted to show my sister the huge orange Lord Ganesh, up high, on the side of a mountain, above the sweeping blanket of rural Maharashtra. I had visited Adasa when I was pregnant, it was nice to […]

The Svayambhu Ganesh in Adasa

When I was a child, I was fascinated with Greek and Roman mythology. Then I moved to India, I found myself intrigued with Indian myths and legends, it kind of escaped my attention that Britain also has it’s own mythology, legends and folklore. It’s not intertwined with daily life as […]

Walking Up Glastonbury Tor 9 months Pregnant

colourful india
When I looked back on my blog post from Pola 2014, I remembered how tempted I was to buy one of the very cute wooden bulls on wheels (for children) being sold in the market. This year was my baby’s first Pola so, even though he is too small to play […]

Baby’s First Pola Festival

During the seventh month of pregnancy, there is a Marathi tradition equivalent to a Western baby shower, Dohale Jevan. This literally means, the pregnant woman’s cravings. The mother-to-be is dressed head to toe in flowers and given all the food she has been longing for. Friends and family gather to […]

My Marathi Baby Shower (Dohale Jevan)