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Stereotypes of Western Women in India

The stereotypes of Western women in India can be summarised in a single conversation I had with a young man at wedding, in a very small city a while ago. This guy was studying with the intention of someday leaving India and continuing his education in America. A place which is, he kindly pointed […]

Bringing Indian Culture to America

Introducing Brittany, The Almost Indian Wife, a writer and lovely momma of three gorgeous boys. Brittany’s almost Indian family will be one of the most beautiful things you see today, trust me! I’m so pleased to share Brittany’s reflections on raising her bicultural babies in the United States. As a mother […]

Baby’s First Friend: Episode 1

My name is Alfonso and I have a story to tell. When I was a puppy, my mummy would carry me around everywhere and it made me feel important. She gave me lots of cuddles, walks and attention. I was her fluffy baby and no one could come between us. I lived […]

Holy Cow in India with Wonky horns

Advice: Should I Continue Our Relationship? 24

Dear Lauren, I am Australian and started a relationship with an Indian online. It seemed exactly the same experience you described, how we instantly felt like we had known each other forever. He has called me everyday since, and we talk for hours each time. After a month, he told me he […]

9 Colours to Wear This Navratri

Navratri, nine nights of the Goddess, starts in a couple of days. This is definitely my favourite festival, I’m looking forward to seeing the huge Goddess Durga idols on every street. Different communities celebrate Navratri in different ways. Here in Maharashtra, it’s popular to celebrate Navratri with colours. My mother-in-law and […]

I Can’t Write My Child’s Name

We are planning to have Rohan’s naming ceremony next month (better very late than never) and we have started to think about how we will do it. We know the venue, who we are going to invite, what food we are going to serve and we’ve decided to decorate the […]

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mother-in-law baby naming ceremony

40 Indian Names for Multicultural Babies

Naming your baby can be a difficult task, there are just so many things to think about! You want the name to complement your surname, have a significant meaning and not remind you of anyone you would rather forget… There is a little extra to consider when your baby is going to be born into two cultures, […]

Introducing Rohan

Dear Friends and Readers, It’s been a very long time since I published a blog and so much has changed since we last spoke. The most life changing event took place… After a long two days of labour in early May, 9lbs 6oz of indescribable joy came into our world. Our son was born! […]

I’m Pregnant!

We are thrilled to announce that there will be a small Mokasdar arriving this May! This is such an exciting and special time for us all, including Alfonso who is wondering why my belly has become so round! It’s really hard to put into words how happy I am to be carrying […]