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dog rangoli Nagpur street stall
I think it was the third time I flew to India, I was about to step on the plane when the woman checking boarding passes (who worked for Air India) asked if Nagpur was in India. I think she had to check that everyone on the flight had a valid Indian visa […]

About Nagpur

It was my 27th birthday yesterday, and what a year it’s been! I can safely say, the best year so far. Far from the easiest, but definitely the happiest. Whilst I was 26, I built stronger bonds with family (in England and India) and broke bonds with unhealthy beliefs about myself. I have learnt that […]

Easiest isn’t always Happiest

This monsoon hasn’t been as fierce as previous years, maybe I missed the best of it whilst I was in England. I’ve been waiting for electricity to shatter the sky followed by the tumultuous clap of thunder, but this calmer monsoon has a subtle beauty. Even though this isn’t an angry monsoon, when it does […]

Baby’s First Monsoon Rains

adasa ganpati bappa
We arrived at Adasa as dusk was starting to settle and the sun was setting behind the clouds. I wanted to show my sister the huge orange Lord Ganesh, up high, on the side of a mountain, above the sweeping blanket of rural Maharashtra. I had visited Adasa when I was pregnant, it was nice to […]

The Svayambhu Ganesh in Adasa

I had some major food aversions when I was pregnant. The smell of roasting cumin seeds or hot ghee pushed me into a gut churning nausea I had never experienced before. I had so many cravings I couldn’t quench; fresh raspberries, halloumi cheese, strawberry yoghurt. There were many times when I only wanted orange […]

My Indian Pregnancy Diet

pregnancy flying
I was 29 weeks pregnant when I flew from India to the U.K., bump and I travelled with my mum a couple of days after my Dohale Jeevan. I was emotionally exhausted after saying goodbye to my husband and desperate just to get on the plane. I hate saying goodbye but […]

5 Tips for Flying while Pregnant

british english cup of tea
Brits and Indians are famous for their love of tea, it’s something we have in common, but the taste of a cuppa and a chai are worlds apart. I love Indian chai but one of the things I missed so much when I moved to India was a nice British cup of tea. Obviously, you […]

Recipe: British Cup of Tea

Christmas pug
Every Christmas morning since I can remember has started in the same way, I have woken up with a stocking stuffed with small presents from Father Christmas sat on the end of my bed. I wake up confused, what is that weighing down on the duvet (?), then I realise it’s Christmas!! […]

Our First Christmas Day in India

Christmas day is nearly here and I still haven’t fallen down with the ‘expat Christmas blues”. It has been hard to think about what I am missing back in England with my family, Indian expats in the West must feel the same during Diwali, but I have kept busy preparing for our first […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!