The Bravery of Alfonso 22

Alfonso is a small dog, as dogs go, but Alfonso doesn’t let that stop him from being one of the bravest dogs I’ve ever met. If he sees an aggressive German Shepherd barking, he’ll run up to him with curiosity. When a street dog growls at Alfonso, he doesn’t hide behind me, he charges full pelt towards her to meet her. A huge pregnant cows turns her head to look at him and Alfonso wants to go and say hello. He’s too brave and friendly for his own good, luckily he walks on a lead and gets swiftly tugged away before his bravery and belief that everyone wants to be his friend, can get him into trouble.

pig pug

This pug tries to play with pigs, they both have curly tails but the pig wasn’t impressed!

Yesterday, Alfonso’s bravery nearly did get him into trouble. Alfonso was staying at my in-laws house whilst my husband and I were shopping for some finishing touches to our new apartment. When we went to pick him up, we found an excited little guy who had just performed a huge act of dangerous bravery…

Alfonso jumper green pug

An enormous monkey swung into the house, saw his reflection in the three-foot mirror in one of the bedrooms and pulled it off the wall! The monkey immediately became aggressive and started to fight with his own reflection, destroying the room. Alfonso heard the commotion, ran to the scene of the crime and started barking at the intruder who ran away clutching a piece of the broken mirror, continuing the flight with his own reflection outside. 

Sleeping with one eye open...

Alfonso the guard dog: sleeping with one eye open…

My little curly tailed hero was really brave and frightened the monkey (who was much bigger than him) away, but I’m just glad he’s safe. That monkey could have really hurt him. It’s not the first time monkeys have invited themselves into my in-law’s apartment, I’m really happy that our new apartment is on the top floor and inaccessible to monkeys!!


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