My Birthday Surprise: Imported Food! 70

I have the cutest Mum ever! For my birthday, she contacted my friend here in Nagpur and asked her to buy me lots of imported goodies on her behalf! Argh! So many things which I have craved such as Marmite, Nutella and English breakfast tea! These little things mean so much when you move away from home.

There is a shop on the other side of Nagpur, Poonam Chambers, which sells imported items. Unfortunately, it’s so expensive I usually cannot justify spending so much money on it! Food is generally much cheaper in India, but imported items are extremely costly, three times the price they would be in England (and England is so expensive in the first place!). Knowing that I wouldn’t want to spend the money myself, my mum brought them for me. So sweet of my mum and my friend to do this! Thank you!!

marmite baby one imported

Yum yum… Marmite!!

I gave one of our maids some sour Skittles to try, I don’t think she liked them! Oh and M&M’s, so delicious. Baked beans? Oh my gosh, Heinz Baked BEANS… how can beans in tomato sauce be so heavenly? Also, Earl Grey tea… divine!

On my birthday, I decided to return to England for Christmas! I will miss my husband and Alfonso so much, but it’s been nearly a year since I have been ‘home’.  I applied for my one year X visa (long-term visa) seven long months ago now, still nothing from Delhi! Meanwhile, my mum called London and they said they would grant me a five-year visa in five days!! Well, after seven months of waiting and asking about my visa and nothing coming of it, I think it’s best to go to London!! Maybe they lost my file in Delhi?

Christmas dinner, my favourite restaurants, bakeries, cafes… Oh, I cannot wait, my mouth is watering! The funny thing is, I know that when I am in England, I am going to miss pani puri and paneer tikka masala!! Well, my obsession with food is only increased today by the fact it is Karva Chauth! A one day festival where women dress up like brides and fast for their husband’s health and wellbeing, only once the moon shows her milky (yum, milk) face can the fast be broken. I did this fast for the first time last year, when I was still living in the UK. I have been planning to celebrate Karva Chauth for a while, but now I have all of these imported temptations, so wish me luck!

Any men out there going against tradition and fasting for their wives today? 

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