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Baby clothes are so adorable, who knew a tiny pair of socks could evoke so many emotions? My husband looks so handsome when he wears traditional Indian clothes, so I was excited for Rohan’s first kurta. I knew it would look incredible. I felt a kurta was essential for his naming ceremony, so my mother-in-law and I went shopping to try and find one.

A kurta is a traditional style of top, it’s often long, collarless and worn with pajamas. There are lots of different regional styles and popular across the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh). Kurtas designed for women are called kurti, which I like to wear with a pair of leggings.

The ones I saw online and in the shops were either too big or had too many shiny things hanging off of them. Of course, we enjoyed the process of looking and Rohan loved meeting everyone in the shops, but it soon became clear that we were not going to find something suitable. So, we decided to get one tailored, especially for him.

We chose a beautiful red silk for the kurta and an off white cotton for the pajama. My mother-in-law’s friend is a skilled tailor so she came to our house, played with Rohan, took his little measurements and we were able to tell her what we imagined it would be like. She delivered a beautiful kurta pajama a couple of days later, evidently made with love.


I highly recommend getting clothes tailored in India. There is always such a wide variety of dress material and fabric. India is also full of very skilled tailors, but there are also some not so great ones so it’s definitely best to find one who comes highly recommended. We’ve had several saree blouse disasters, so now we always use the same trusted boutique.

Rohan looked so handsome at his naming ceremony, as expected, and everyone commented on how cute his first kurta was. Red is his colour! Something else for this sentimental mumma to treasure forever!



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