Alfonso has a Girlfriend! 13

Sorry ladies but Mr. Alfonso ‘Heartthrob’ Mokasdar is in love, his heart now belongs to a special lady, an older women in fact (4 years older, that’s 28 years in dog years, scandalous!). Her name is Salsa, a beautiful chubby pug who we met by chance, serendipity, a couple of days ago.

alfonso the gorgeous

Could Alfonso be more handsome?

The three of us were driving to a food joint, when we saw another pug out for a walk. Overly excited (we’ve become completely ‘pugessed’), we immediately stopped the car and jumped out. The pug princess and her Dad didn’t see us, so I desperately shouted ‘WE HAVE A PUG TOO’. Alfonso was a little nervous at first, shy I guess, he hasn’t had much experience with the ladies. He soon plucked up the courage to give her a sniff hello. Her name is Salsa, and she is gorgeous!!

We got back in the car and went for dinner, we sat outside and could tell that Alfonso missed his Salsa. Parents just know these things, he just wasn’t himself. Then, as if by magic, a twist of fate, just like in romantic movies, there she was. Salsa had found Alfonso! Salsa’s Dad told his family about Alfonso and they really wanted to meet him and luckily they saw us sitting outside eating. The reunion was bittersweet, maybe Salsa had her doubts about her new toy boy (pugs are a toy breed and he’s a younger man, oh the hilarity).

Unfortunately, it seems that this might be a case of unrequited love…

pug love salsa

‘Alfonso, let’s just be friends”- Salsa

So, if you happen to live in Nagpur and own a pug and if you happen to go walking with your pug, don’t be at all surprised if you are chased by a crazy foreign women shouting ‘WE HAVE A PUG TOO!!’. 

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