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Gorgeous Victoria (Aobeamber), from Ukraine, was pressurised to find a husband. One accidental sign-up later, she found one! Her love story shows that sometimes accidents are not accidents, and when you miss one opportunity, if it’s meant to be, another will surely come along (divine timing). We’ve become friends and I wish her the very best for her happy ending…

Very often we don’t take marriage seriously, unless we are mature enough, or our parents start nagging us. My parents became very anxious when I started exceeding the marriageable age in Ukraine and I still wasn’t going on dates. Instead of giving me the words of support, they were stressing me out with it constantly. After listening to one of their favourite ‘songs’ entitled ‘You should be worried, you won’t be married until you’re 30’, I decided to register on the world’s best dating/matrimonial websites to calm them down.

I became a member of the top three websites, but hardly visited them after signing up. As soon as I finished my registration, I realised that one of the biggest matrimonial websites was an Indian website. It was, I didn’t think I would be replying to any of the requests I got from Shaadi members, but that’s where I met my fiancé. One morning he wrote to me and left his phone number, I replied briefly and gave him my number, thinking he would never contact me. He hit me up instantly and we started to chat daily.

Later he mentioned how angry he was with, he couldn’t find anyone who matched his criteria. He was about to give up and then he saw my profile and decided to give it one last shot. Getting to know my fiancé better, I realized that we shared the same passion for travelling and both loved South Korea and Japan. Our conversations moved very smoothly from the start. They were fun, friendly and in short period of time they also became very intense and loving.

I was shocked when I found out he was working for the same global information and measurement company I was about to shift to one year before, but didn’t go for it. I intentionally failed my final interview after realising that I didn’t want to move to Dubai. Dubai was so far from my home, but it turned to be so close to my fiance’s current residence. Although I didn’t go to Dubai, the Universe found another way to push us together, we met on an Indian matrimonial website.

victoria Ukraine and india Ukraine Ukraine UkraineOur relationship became very dynamic and serious. After one month of being together, my fiancé told his parents about our intentions to get married. Surprisingly, they were more positive about us than my own parents. Guided by my future parents in-law, we choose the date for our traditional Indian wedding. I still don’t know how my own parents feel about our plans though. They showed me that it’s not only Indian parents who can be overprotective and controlling. I was devastated, while my fiancé made me look at that situation in the positive light. He convinced me that together we would be able to change my parents’ opinion about us getting married, once he met them personally.

Bad news. After a couple of visa failures my fiancé encountered, he was denied an Ukrainian visa, we decided to drop the idea of meeting my parents for a while. The stupid ‘issues’ the Ukrainian embassy made up, just to keep him out and make him pay more money, could have spoilt our whole plan. We had bring the date two months forward so my fiancé could try applying for Ukrainian visa once again.

But good news, my parents look calmer these days seeing all the efforts my fiancé made to meet them. And he’s done so much so my parents stopped doubting his serious intentions about me. As for now, we are about to have our first eurotrip together! We are happy and looking forward to the new adventures that life has prepared for us. We love each other madly and sincerely, ready to sacrifice so many things to be together. That’s only the start of our journey and we are hopeful that this will be our happy ending… 

Victoria writes a great blog about India, Ukraine and her intercultural relationship journey at

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Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

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