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Happy New Year!! Can you believe it’s 2015 already? Time really flies when you’re adapting to a new way of life. Now I’ve lived in India for a year, it’s time to concentrate on building my life there. The culture shocks have faded and India feels like home, they say the first year is always the hardest and I survived. I have gone beyond surviving, now it’s time for some thriving!! 

I usually have several new year’s resolutions which revolve around adopting a healthier lifestyle, this year is different. I have set some 2015 goals and now I am sharing them with the internet, I won’t be able to forget them!

My 2015 goals:

  • Our own home. I came to India with the intention of living in a joint household until the end of time, but in reality it was much harder than I ever expected. Sadly, it turns out that to be happy, we need our own home (expect a detailed post regarding this shortly).
  • Complete the first draft of my novel. It’s really getting there and I am so excited about my novel/memoir.
  • Devote more of my time to charity work. I have been involved in some volunteer work this past year (reading for audiobooks for the blind), but I want to do more!
  • Travel around India. Let me tell you something that may shock you, I have lived in India for twelve months and never left the state of Maharashtra! India is so huge, diverse and spectacular it takes a lifetime to devour so I better get started. This year I hope to be able to see the Taj Mahal (well, I did see the poor man’s version in Aurangabad back in February) and experience God’s own country, the state of Kerala in the South.
  • Speak Hindi. I hope to be able to speak enough Hindi by the end of 2015 to stop people saying really hurtful things like “well, Katrina Kaif can speak Hindi, what’s your excuse?” (to those who don’t Bollywood, Katrina Kaif is a British Indian actress).

What are your 2015 goals?

About Lauren Mokasdar

Lauren fell in love on the internet, took a one way flight from England, got married & started a new life & bicultural family in India. She writes about finding happiness & balance between two very different worlds, when her baby takes a nap.

29 thoughts on “2015: What I hope to achieve this year!

  • Jacqueline Maharaj.

    Happy New Year! I’ve already signed up for your newsletter. I am English married to an East Indian man, I live in Trinidad, hence my surname!. Been to India a few times. Love Indian culture, I teach Kathak dance. All the best Jacqueline Maharaj.

  • friend

    @ Lauren

    Typical indian question. What about a baby. Lol. BTw katerina kaif still not confident speaking in Hindi. It took her few years to reach this stage. But her Hindi is far better now. The problems most foreigners face in learning Hindi is that most educated Indians these days rarely speak their own native languages Hindi or otherwise and end up speaking english or hinglish ( Hindi english mix). Foreigners do not get enough practice because people are not speaking their own languages and the bookish Hindi is not everyday Hindi.

    Those foreigners who are married to people outside the Hindi belt face another problem. Whether to learn Hindi or the native tongue of their spouses like tamil which is different from Hindi. India is an incredibly bewildering country as far as languages are concerned not just for foreigners but for Indians as well.

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      The mysterious baby haha! You know on my blog dashboard it shows me the search terms people have entered to get to my blog and I have seen ‘is Lauren Mokasdar pregnant?’ quite a few times.

      It is really hard but most people seemed shocked that I am not fluent already (probably never attempted a completely different language themselves). *sigh*

      I hope you are well!! xx

  • Antonina

    Nice goals, Lauren, especially about traveling. I’ve been staying in India for 7 years, and though I left the state of Maharashtra and saw the Taj, it’s not there are so many other places to explore. Well, here is my resolution in a nutshell:

    – to travel around India;
    – to start learning Spanish on a regular basis;
    – to work out and jog in the park a few times a week;
    – to find time for making my stocking flowers;
    – to start reading at least one third as much as I did before my family life;
    – to do something about my social life;
    – to do an awesome job on my site.
    Something like that…

  • tabibitosoul

    Happy New Year for you and your family, Lauren!!!Actually, our goals are pretty much the same!! I also decided that I want to discover India a lot this year and next week I will be going to Bhuj (Gujarat) with one more friend. All the best for you in 2015!

  • Eva Xanthopoulos

    I’m so excited to see your blog is up again!! I missed reading your posts so much. Happy New Year to you, Lauren! <3 May this year be filled with joy, love, and good health.

  • JOHN

    Nice Goal, however be careful when trying for the first. You don’t want to be seen as the evil &^#*) who broke up a happy family..

    Happy New Year.

  • Abhishek

    Happy new year Lauren. Hope you will be lot more happier, healthier, wealthier this year 🙂

  • Roshni

    Tell them that Katrina gets paid to recite dialogues that are written for her; if anyone wants to help you with the same, they are more than welcome! 😛
    How exciting that you’ll be getting your own home! I think that’s a wonderful decision!

  • Dhriti Govindraj

    Lauren, I don’t know why but I was just reading your blog and I got goosebumps!! It’s so heart-warming to see people to open to this kind of a change, just for love! Your “anything for love” attitude has left me, bewildered and in a very nice way. I have no idea why, I don’t even know you but I feel like I really know you so very well on some other emotional, spiritual plane. 🙂
    I admire you, and in exactly 51 minutes you have become one person I look up to! 🙂

    Lots of love,

    • Lauren Mokasdar Post author

      Aww, Dhriti,

      Thank you for your very lovely comment!!! So sweet of you! I am certain that we already know each other in some way 🙂

      Lots of love,

      Lauren xx

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