Not Pregnant after 1 Year of Marriage? 23

In my experience, once you have celebrated your first marriage anniversary, people start demanding to know when you are having a baby. It must be quite common because it’s not only me who has been constantly questioned and told that they should be pregnant by now. I am certain that couples are quizzed about […]

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Slip of the Tongue! 41

I am no polyglot or linguist and my tongue has really struggled to grasp the new sounds the Marathi language has exposed it to. I’ve been told by native Hindi speakers who live in Maharashtra that it’s hard for them to pronounce some Marathi words as well, which makes me feel a little better. It doesn’t stop the people I meet […]

Our Cook’s Grandson’s Naming Ceremony 30

Many of us have wondered what to call our future children years before we plan to have them, sometimes having our children’s names picked out before choosing someone to parent them with! Many cultures in India do things differently, a baby might remain nameless for the first month of their little life, waiting […]

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My Coconut Water Health Craze! 23

When I was still living in England, I was hooked on coconut water for a while. Drinking the water of a coconut became one of those ‘oh I must start doing this’ things where we find out about all of the wonderful benefits and end up spending lots of money to get […]

Our Diwali 2015 Sparkle 6

Driving around Nagpur during a Diwali night is an almost magical experience. Pavements are decorated with beautiful multi coloured mandalas (rangoli) whilst shops, homes and temples are lit up with the tiny flames of a thousand clay oil lamps (diya) as the sky bursts open with sparkles and shimmers. Stalls line the streets […]

Diva lamp light Diwali

Friends together Ramtek Lake

Lola’s Visit! 23

Next month will mark the second anniversary of my move to India! I’ve changed so much over the last two years, I’ve adapted to many parts of Indian life, but I know I still have a long way to go. I know that no matter how long I live here, […]

Who is Allowed to Wear a Bindi? 38

There has been a torrent of online attacks on non-Indian women who wear the bindi. As a non-Indian woman wearing a bindi with a colourful experience of online attacks, I wanted to write about this topic. Cultural appropriation is a very sensitive subject, many people fear that the deep significance of a tradition or symbol […]

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