Lavender Bags 11

There’s a huge lavender bush in my grandparents garden, it must be decades old now. Lavender has a gorgeous scent which is known for calming the mind. I remember making special bags of lavender with my Nanny, I would decorate the material and put the dried lavender flowers inside and she would sew them up […]

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Can a Western Woman Have a Career in India? Agony Bhabhi 27

Dear Agony Bhabhi, I have been in a long distance relationship for many years and I’ve just completed my bachelor degree.  I want to live with my love permanently in India but my parents want me to have a career. They want me to be able to live a normal life and save […]

How I Learnt to Make Perfect Roti 53

I’ve always been rubbish at making roti, I tried and failed so many times, I gave up. They were either overcooked or undercooked and never round. Not even close to being round, you could make a doughy puzzle with them.  I would work up such a sweat to produce something that […]

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Adjust or Adapt? Becoming a Member of an Indian Family 43

I want to look at two words, two words with similarities and differences, adjust and adapt. Let’s start with the obvious, they both begin with A and end with T. Enough with the similarities, let’s look at the differences! The official definitions: Adjust (verb): to alter something in order to achieve […]

Agony Bhabhi 16

“Agony Aunt” is a British term for a woman who answers questions for advice columns in newspapers or magazines. I get called “Aunty” quite often and it makes me feel old, so I thought I would call this feature, “Agony Bhabhi”. As my blog gains readers (thank you so much!) I […]

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