Holika Dahan: Burning the Demon

holi fire

‘Twas the night before Holi… On the evening of Holika Dahan, the festival celebrated the night before Holi,  my husband and I went to worship at a local Lord Hanuman temple. The idol of Lord Hanuman is exceptionally beautiful in this … Continue reading

Checking into a Hotel in India when you are a Foreigner (and the problem you may face if your partner is Indian)

We made it!

After our long trip to Aurangabad we wanted to check into our hotel as soon as possible, take a nap and freshen up! The receptionist at the hotel wanted to see a copy of my passport, visa and our marriage … Continue reading

My First Indian Road Trip: Coconuts and Chaiwalas

tilak on travels to aurangabad for wedding | husband and wife

We arrived at the grooms house to find about fifty other friends and relatives had also arrived. The house was busy with excitement as the mountain of luggage was being organised. Two cars and a huge sleeper coach were waiting … Continue reading