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We arrived at Adasa as dusk was starting to settle and the sun was setting behind the clouds. I wanted to show my sister the huge orange Lord Ganesh, up high, on the side of a mountain, above the sweeping blanket of rural Maharashtra. I had visited Adasa when I was pregnant, it was nice to […]

The Svayambhu Ganesh in Adasa

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It was a very cold December in 2012 when my life changed forever, I had just started to recover from a deep depression which had left me unhealthy, exhausted and completely depleted. I felt there was something was missing, I was suffering from a deficiency of some kind, I couldn’t […]

I Met My Soulmate, Online

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When I was a child, I was fascinated with Greek and Roman mythology. Then I moved to India, I found myself intrigued with Indian myths and legends, it kind of escaped my attention that Britain also has it’s own mythology, legends and folklore. It’s not intertwined with daily life as […]

Walking Up Glastonbury Tor 9 months Pregnant

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We are planning to have Rohan’s naming ceremony next month (better very late than never) and we have started to think about how we will do it. We know the venue, who we are going to invite, what food we are going to serve and we’ve decided to decorate the […]

I Can’t Write My Child’s Name

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It’s become a milestone that the majority of expectant parents look forward to, about five months into pregnancy, discovering whether they have a son or a daughter swimming around in that cosy womb. Once they find out, names are finalised and pink or blue clothes purchased before their babes see sunlight. […]

Gender Determination: India vs. England

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I had some major food aversions when I was pregnant. The smell of roasting cumin seeds or hot ghee pushed me into a gut churning nausea I had never experienced before. I had so many cravings I couldn’t quench; fresh raspberries, halloumi cheese, strawberry yoghurt. There were many times when I only wanted orange […]

My Indian Pregnancy Diet

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When I looked back on my blog post from Pola 2014, I remembered how tempted I was to buy one of the very cute wooden bulls on wheels (for children) being sold in the market. This year was my baby’s first Pola so, even though he is too small to play […]

Baby’s First Pola Festival

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I was 29 weeks pregnant when I flew from India to the U.K., bump and I travelled with my mum a couple of days after my Dohale Jeevan. I was emotionally exhausted after saying goodbye to my husband and desperate just to get on the plane. I hate saying goodbye but […]

5 Tips for Flying while Pregnant

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During the seventh month of pregnancy, there is a Marathi tradition equivalent to a Western baby shower, Dohale Jevan. This literally means, the pregnant woman’s cravings. The mother-to-be is dressed head to toe in flowers and given all the food she has been longing for. Friends and family gather to […]

My Marathi Baby Shower (Dohale Jevan)

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There were times during my pregnancy when I felt gorgeous (not whilst I was vomiting at the beginning or waddling at the end). Once my pregnancy became visible and before I became too huge to fully function, I really wanted to ‘flaunt’ my beautiful bump. I thought a saree, which […]

How to Wear a Saree with a Baby Bump