How to Wear a Saree with a Baby Bump 6

There were times during my pregnancy when I felt gorgeous (not whilst I was vomiting at the beginning or waddling at the end). Once my pregnancy became visible and before I became too huge to fully function, I really wanted to ‘flaunt’ my beautiful bump. I thought a saree, which […]



My Sister Arrived from England! 10

In a couple of days, I’ll get back to filling you guys in on what went on during the six months I unplugged from the internet. Right now I am over the moon, one of my little sisters has come to Nagpur and staying with us for an entire month!  […]

Garbha Sanskar: How I Practiced 19

Ayurvedic scriptures state that Garbha Sanskar is essential for creating an intelligent, attractive and healthy baby. From my experience, Garbha Sanskar is a great way to keep you positive and focused during your pregnancy, you can bring these practices to your attention to when the hormones and symptoms start to get you […]

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40 Indian Names for Multicultural Babies 38

Naming your baby can be a difficult task, there are just so many things to think about! You want the name to complement your surname, have a significant meaning and not remind you of anyone you would rather forget… There is a little extra to consider when your baby is going to be born into two cultures, […]

Introducing Rohan 66

Dear Friends and Readers, It’s been a very long time since I published a blog and so much has changed since we last spoke. The most life changing event took place… After a long two days of labour in early May, 9lbs 6oz of indescribable joy came into our world. Our son was born! […]


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Celebrating the First Trimester of Pregnancy 42

An enchanting aspect of Indian life is the marking of important milestones with traditions, rituals and celebrations. Completing the first trimester of my pregnancy was one of the special milestones we celebrated, a special milestone in pregnancy all over the world. The morning sickness is fading, you’ve had an ultrasound and you can […]

How to Make a British Cup of Tea 24

Brits and Indians are famous for their love of tea, it’s something we have in common, but the taste of a cuppa and a chai are worlds apart. I love Indian chai but one of the things I missed so much when I moved to India was a nice British cup of tea. Obviously, you […]

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